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Cooling Systems for Electrical Railway Equipment

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When electronics fail transportation systems grind to a halt. EIC Solutions keeps things moving with its critical electronics enclosures.

EIC Solutions is a leading global provider of electronic protection solutions, specifically focusing on thermal management. Since 1988, it has specialized in the design and manufacture of thermoelectric cooling systems for a wide range of industrial, commercial, military and defense applications.

Its thermoelectric air-conditioners, air-conditioned enclosures and air-conditioned transit cases are the ideal solution for housing and cooling electronics in stationary, mobile, harsh indoor and outdoor environments.

Cabinet cooling systems for electrical equipment protection

When human well-being and safety are paramount, EIC’s cabinet cooling systems are there to keep infrastructure networks running smoothly by protecting computers, monitoring control, communications and other electrical / electronic equipment from heat, dust, moisture and corrosion.

ThermoTEC™ 141 series 800 BTU solid state thermoelectric air-conditioner.
EIC’s Protector™ series electronic enclosure with 400 BTU thermoelectric air-conditioner.
400 BTU (DC) thermoelectric cooler.
EIC cabinet cooling systems protect electrical equipment from damaging heat, dust, moisture and corrosion.

Outdoor equipment protection for rail signage, signaling and switching

EIC has extensive experience working with state and local transit authorities, their contractors and system integrators to protect critical communication, security and operational electronics.

The enclosures protect radio frequency (RF) equipment used in subway systems from dust or dirt contamination. EIC safeguards outdoor equipment used for signage, signaling and switching against the effects of weather and corrosion.

Thermoelectric air conditioners for wireless electronics, automation and RF equipment

Thermoelectric air conditioners ensure the operational integrity of wireless electronics, automation equipment and RF equipment by preventing electronic heat overload.

Standard and customized cooling systems

Working closely with its customers, EIC creates engineered products designed to meet the unique needs of specific projects. It has flexible production capabilities that allow it to provide standard and customized solutions for orders, ranging from a single piece up to large-scale production rollouts.

EIC’s products are sold to a diverse cross-section of customers in the military and defense, industrial and commercial, security and surveillance, oil and gas, and infrastructure markets. Its customers include Fortune 100 companies, all branches of the military and governmental agencies.

Enclosures and cooling systems for mission-critical electronics

There are a wide range of applications, environments and clients that rely on EIC enclosures and cooling systems to safeguard their mission-critical electronics, including:

  • Fire panels: cooling cabinets for fire panels in extremely hot and humid environments for a major fire and security protection company
  • Electrical control panels: temperature controlled enclosures for cooling electrical control panels on offshore drilling rigs for a major oil and gas exploration company
  • Weather radar electronics: cooling for fully mobile and transportable weather radar for ‘storm chasing’ vehicle for a major university
  • Helicopter electronics: temperature controlled racks mounted inside custom military helicopters for a major defense contractor
  • Remote surveillance housings: enclosure air conditioners at US ballistic missile sites for a major defense contractor
  • Digital camera systems: cooling enclosed digital camera and electronics alongside an outdoor track for a rocket-propelled sled for optical diagnostic solutions company
  • Time lapse photography systems: cooling for camera housing set in indoor or outdoor environments for months at a time for a remote site monitoring company
  • Amusement ride controls: air-conditioned housing for controls of animatronics within an amusement ride for a major theme park
  • License plate recognition equipment: air-conditioned housing for RFID readers at US border crossings for a major defense contractor
  • Nuclear power plant equipment: air-conditioned rack for temperature sensitive equipment within nuclear power plants for a major energy company

Innovative systems and customer service

Dedicated to providing innovative solutions and superior service, EIC’s team is committed to finding the best solution for your application.

Please visit the EIC Solutions website for products, specifications and technical data. The online request for quote (RFQ) is available 24/7. EIC will get back to you no later than one business day.

If you are based in the US and would like to speak directly with a sales engineer or ask a technical question you can call the US toll-free number +1 800 497 4524.



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