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Development and Production of Advanced Heating and Filtration Solutions

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CCI Thermal Technologies is a leader in advanced heating and filtration solutions. CCI Thermal Technologies engineers and manufactures a wide array of heating and filtration products for industrial, commercial and hazardous area applications throughout the world.

The diversity of its seven brands – Cata-Dyne™, Ruffneck™, Caloritech™, Fastrax®, 3L Filters™, Norseman™ and DriQuik™ – represents the broadest base of industry expertise and the range of technologies enabling applications in virtually any environment.

In December 2012, CCI Thermal Technologies was pleased to announce the acquisition of the assets of Fastrax® Industries, located in Denver, Colorado. Fastrax® products provide the most efficient heat transfer for rail track and switch equipment and are designed for low maintenance and a long life even in the harshest conditions.

SwitchBlade® rail heating applications

The Fastrax® SwitchBlade® heater is a high-efficiency, direct-conduction rail heater designed to reside within the recess web area of a rail at the track switch interface. Made from stainless steel, its flat profile inhibits unwanted corrosion and offers protection and resistance in the rugged railroad environment. The SwitchBlade® heater is designed to withstand heavy shock and vibration of train vehicles moving in extreme weather.

Fastrax® Switchblade heater.
Fastrax® crib heaters.
Fastrax® platform heaters.
Fastrax® control panel system and FastRack system.
Fastrax® scanner and dragging equipment detector heating system.
Fastrax® junction boxes.

The SwitchBlade® heater is intended for heating the rail switch, turnout or set of points to guard against the build-up of ice or snow at the switch, most commonly at the interface between the gauge side of the stationary rail and the opposite side of the switching rail.

Applications for the Fastrax® SwitchBlade® heaters include stock or running rail heating, moving rail heating, spring rail frog heating, retrofits for existing frogs and frog wing rail and frog point plate heating.

Crib heaters for railways

Manufactured with maximum durability, the heavy aluminium channel, flat profile and stainless-steel hardware make Fastrax® crib heaters able to stand up to severe conditions, including the worst snow and ice environments.

The exclusive XTC-patented spring clamps come standard with each unit to allow for expansion, contraction and increased thermal conduction. When installation or track maintenance is required, the jack-bolt clamps (included) are designed for easy removal and re-installation.

Railway platform heaters

Fastrax® platform heaters are designed with built-in limits for safety and equipment protection. Each heater system includes a state-of-the-art automatic snow-sensing control and is accommodated with exclusive XTC-patented spring clamps for efficient heat transfer.

They are temperature limited, ground fault protected, designed for safety and are easy to install. Applications include walkway access heaters, personnel access areas used in the rail gauge for equipment access, heat rail equipment and switch access areas.

Railway control panel systems

Fastrax® control panel systems are available for a variety of applications in which any switch layout or heater configuration can be arranged. Located on the hinged ‘dead front’ panel are manual buttons, annunciation lights, a mounted safety / service disconnect, and a basic electrical schematic.

Manufactured with heavy-duty stainless steel, its tamper-proof design includes terminal connections for field wiring and snow sensors. Each standard control panel has energy-saving reduced power circuitry and full automatic control.

The FastRack system is a state-of-the-art control system with complete automated sensing and limits for existing gas systems. Its automatic, low voltage controls are energy efficient and turn off heaters when they are not required. A standard feature is its automatic start with run limit time.

Scanner and dragging equipment detector heating system

The Fastrax® scanner and dragging equipment detector heating system is an automated heating sensor and control system built to protect rail equipment in nature’s most rugged and harsh environments. Constructed with a state-of-the-art automatic snow sensing control, this heating system keeps your scanner crib environment clear with mild heat.

Railway junction boxes

Manufactured with heavy cast aluminium construction, Fastrax® junction boxes measure 12in x 12in x 6in with each enclosure having a cover cast with model series and ‘caution high voltage’ warning.

Fastrax® junction boxes are drilled in the bottom and tapped for conduit or direct burial feeder cables and heater cable leads. In addition, each junction box includes cable entrance plugs for all unused drill and tapped openings and support post made with corrosion-protected steel.

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