Airscrew Limited (member of Airtechnology Group) specialises in supplying equipment for rolling stock applications in the railway industry. Products include fans, saloon and cab heating and ventilation, electrical equipment cooling systems and engine cooling systems.

Established for over 30 years, this highly experienced engineering team draws on knowledge that has been gained from the company’s aerospace and defence projects to develop equipment of unrivalled performance and quality.

Products range from off the shelf component fans, to bespoke design components and completely integrated systems. All products combine existing, proven components with bespoke design and new technologies. Airscrew Limited is able to offer shorter development timescales and reduced cost and risk whilst offering optimum performance for minimum mass and space. From a single component to a fully integrated system, Airscrew Limited will deliver the ideal solution.

Specialist fans

Airscrew Limited is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialist fans offering every form of fan configuration including axial, mixed and centrifugal and cross flow.

500mm diameter Vane Axial Fan (twin unit) – Common Block Cooling on Eurostar. Airscrew Limited is the worlds leading manufacturer of specialist fans.
385mm diameter Open-Running Centrifugal Fan.
Airscrew Limited supplied the equipment case cooling fan on the Gardermoen High Speed Train.
Converter Cooling System – Oresund Bridge High Speed Train. Airscrew Limited offer a complete range of products from fan impellers to complete packaged systems.
Diesel Engine Cooling Pack. Whether it is a single fan or a fully integrated system Airscrew Limited will deliver the ideal engine cooling solution.

Tube Axial fans provide high flow and medium pressure ideal for equipment cooling and general ventilation. Where a higher pressure is required, Airscrew has developed Vane Axial fans with a very high aerodynamic efficiency that have been used in place of centrifugal fans.

Centrifugal designs provide high pressure with minimum airflow. Traditionally supplied in a scroll casing, Airscrew has pioneered the concept of Open Running Centrifugal fans with the associated saving of space and weight.

Mixed flow fans offer high flow and high pressure. Applications include engine cooling with hydraulic or mechanical drive. Applications for Airscrew Limited Fans include:

  • Locomotive traction motor cooling
  • Brake resistor cooling
  • Equipment case cooling
  • Dust scavenge
  • Saloon ventilation
  • Engine cooling

Integrated fans

In some applications space and weight constrictions are so severe that conventional ‘stand-alone’ fans are not feasible. Working closely with the customer, Airscrew Limited offers tailored fans that fully integrate with the application eliminating the need for fan casings and brackets. Applications for Airscrew Limited Integrated Fans include

Electrical equipment cooling systems

With the increasing application of electronic equipment the requirement for cooling systems is becoming more common. Airscrew Limited offers its customers a full systems integration capability delivering complete solutions to any cooling application.

Any application referred to the scrutiny and attention of the Airscrew Limited engineering department will be assured of an optimised and innovative solution guaranteed to meet every aspect of the specification. With our engineers involved from initial concept right through the design Airscrew Limited deliver maximum reliability and performance together with the best acquisition, operation and maintenance costs. Applications for Airscrew Limited Equipment Cooling systems include Converter cooling and transformer cooling.

Engine cooling systems

Today’s power pack designers face an ever-increasing demand. In addition to the engine radiators charge coolers, transmission and hydraulic oil coolers compete for space in the engine bay. In response Airscrew Limited offer a complete range of products from fan impellers to complete packaged systems.

Airscrew’s experience allows us to design the most effective cooling group managing the total air side system. Optimisation of both oil and water/glycol systems is achieved using a combination of multiple fans and variable speed fan motors and pumps to accurately match-varying cooling loads without oversizing the system. This together with the option to use heat exchangers matched to Airscrew’s unique range of mixed flow fans permits the design of extremely compact cooling systems. Whether it is a single fan or a fully integrated system Airscrew Limited will deliver the ideal engine cooling solution.