Marioff is a globally operating expert partner in state-of-the-art water mist fire protection systems that ensure efficient firefighting. The HI-FOG pop-out solutions are specifically designed for the railway environment and provide ultimate fire safety for passengers and operators in case of fire on board.

Depending on fire risk assessments and customer preferences, either a HI-FOG pop-out sprinkler or pop-out spray head system can be used for passenger compartment protection. Machinery space protection is best suited to technical areas.

Pop-out sprinkler system for passengers compartments

The HI-FOG pop-out sprinkler system is well suited for protecting passengers. The hidden pop-out sprinkler activates after a fire has been detected by fire detectors and ambient temperature is high enough to break the heat-sensitive activation bulb. When the bulb breaks, high-pressure water mist is discharged only in the precise location of the fire. Less water is needed to suppress the fire, minimising possible collateral damage. Section valves are not required, which simplifies the system, making the maintenance easier and lowering lifecycle costs.

Pop-out spray head system for train passenger protection

The HI-FOG pop-out spray head system is suited for protecting passenger compartments, particularly when full control over system activation is essential. The HI-FOG pop-out spray heads remain hidden in the ceiling until the fire has been confirmed by fire detectors or if the system has been manually activated. High-pressure water mist is then discharged in the detected zone(s). Section valves are used to divide passenger cars into activation zones, which optimise system capacity and performance.

There are various HI-FOG Cylinder units (MAU 100 shown on the image) available for vertical and horizontal installations on the train.
The HI-FOG pop-out sprinkler system is ideally suited for protecting passenger compartments.
The HI-FOG pop-out spray heads remain hidden in the ceiling until the fire has been confirmed by fire detectors or if the system has been manually activated.
One centralised gas-driven pump unit (GPU) can be used instead of HI-FOG Cylinder units (undercarriage installation, above).

Fire protection for machinery spaces

Machinery spaces of rolling stock vehicles require special fire protection. These spaces are typically hard to seal off, and they are susceptible to fires due to the presence of heat generated by the equipment and highly flammable liquids. HI-FOG machinery space protection is an ideal solution to tackle all of these challenges, ensuring rolling stock running capability in case of fire.

HI-FOG machinery space protection is ideal for locomotives, power packs and other technical spaces. HI-FOG machinery space protection can easily be combined with passenger compartment protection or used as a separate, standalone system.

Water mist with low system weight and space requirement

High-pressure water mist is leading the way in active fire protection for rolling stock. This technology combines the exceptional firefighting properties of water mist with low overall system weight and space requirements, thanks to the small amount of water needed for discharge.

With its HI-FOG fire protection system, Marioff has been a pioneering force in developing and deploying water mist systems for a wide range of applications. Noted for its quality, performance and reliability, thousands of HI-FOG installations protect people, property and business continuity worldwide both on land and at sea.

Every HI-FOG system installation is backed by Marioff’s worldwide network of service technicians. Marioff also works in close cooperation with the world’s leading detector suppliers and is able to provide integrated fire safety solutions for the whole train. As part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., customers can rest assured they have a partner they can rely on.

About Marioff and HI-FOG

Marioff is the leading developer of water mist fire protection technology and supplies system solutions worldwide. The company designs and manufactures all key components of the water mist fire protection system under the name HI-FOG. The HI-FOG water mist fire protection system is a modern, highly effective solution suitable for most types of fires.

It safely controls and suppresses fire by discharging a fine water mist at high velocity. It uses up to 90% less water than conventional sprinkler systems. Less water means less water damage, and less clean-up time, significantly reducing operational downtime.
Marioff is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., which provides high technology products and services to the building and aerospace industries worldwide.