Finland-based Finnester Coatings produces a fire resistant resin, and designs and manufactures specific coatings to customer-driven applications. We take responsibility and want to be measured by our results. We take pride in providing complete environmentally friendly solutions for our customers.

Environmentally friendly fire-retardant solutions

Lightweight and environmentally friendly composite structures with a superb finish have been characteristics that composite manufacturers have been challenged to combine for decades. As fire-safety regulations within rail and marine transportation have become more and more strict, manufacturers have had to compromise some of these characteristics to meet new regulatory standards.

The Novaster fire retardant solution is the first to offer a unique and complete set of products that combines the above characteristics with excellent fire retardant properties and low smoke generation. All the products are non-toxic and do not contain halogens or antimony trioxide.

Novaster is a complete solution including resin, gel-coat and decorative coating. To meet the strict fire retardant requirements and optimal characteristics all components must work seamlessly together. When using Novaster you can rely on guaranteed compatibility.

Novaster products offer the total fire retardant package from A to Z.
Let the water work for you.
Burn data of laminate made of standard (red) vs. Kaste (blue) resin.

Natural fire resistance

Our new product Kaste is a natural revolution for the resin market. All too often, the simplest answer is the one overlooked. Complicated solutions that result in compronise are invented instead.

Water – the most natural solvent of all time – provides the fire resistance needed to meet high requirements while it enables us to exclude the components so far used for fire-retardants. This means that not only is the resin in Kaste more environmentally friendly, but also that we can use the fast and friendly production methods already used for non fire-retardant products.

"The use of water felt most logical given the environmental and fire retardant requirements as the target set for the R&D project in early 2011 and every now and then a real innovation is born out of a simple idea, such as our new product Novaster Kaste," said Ari Hokkanen, head of R&D and COB of Finnester Coatings.

Mould, anti-graffiti and fireplace coatings

Finnester Coatings has been driven by the desire to help overcome the challenges our customers in composite industry are faced with. Finnester Coatings has developed a number of unique products such as Durester, the first tailor made tooling coatings for mould and master plug manufacturers, Ceraster ceramic coatings for anti-graffiti purpose, and Lucion for fireplace coating.

Acid and base-resistant coatings

The Pheron product family is a unique polyurea with adjustable potlife for demanding coating applications where water, acid and base resistance are required. It can also be applied in freezing temperatures and remains flexible in these conditions.

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