The International Quality & Productivity Centre, IQPC, is a research consultancy and events organisation with offices around the world. It was built on the principles of using observations to drive significant change. It runs conferences on topics ranging from government and management to real estate and transport.

Making rail a more secure industry

IQPC has worked with key industry leaders to develop a conference that will discuss best practices for improving security and for making good, solid investments. The Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS) 2014, from 12-13 February, will look at different trends in the international rail industry.

Sessions will focus on improving safety and efficiency, applying controls and safety practices, optimisation and best practice, lessons learned from other industries, and decision-making and incident response. You can find out more by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Developing Sydney’s Railways

The focus for Sydney’s Rail Future Summit 2014 will be the $1.6bn plan to replace George Street buses with light rail, and the development of the North West Rail Link. It will run from 25-27 February, and will look at the way the growing population and the local population will interact over the coming years.

Sydney's Rail Future will look at how rail infrastructure will develop around this growing city.
Train Control and Management Systems 2014 will investigate the strain that will be placed on Australia's railway system, and how to manage it.

Talks will feature presentations from public and private sector figures, and will tackle key areas such as infrastructure development, project delay management, BIM-based design processes, lean construction principles, risks faced by consortiums, light rail projects and the use of rail traffic management systems. You can find out more by following the link below.