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Presto Geosystems

Soil Stability for the Rail Industry

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United States of America

For over three decades, Presto Geosystems’ GEOWEB® geocells have been successfully employed in the railroad industry worldwide to assist with ballast reinforcement, yard stabilization, and erosion control.. Whether for new construction or repair work, the GEOWEB soil stabilization system is a trusted, versatile solution to many soil stability problems facing railroad engineers and contractors.

Soil stabilization over soft subgrades

The GEOWEB system’s deep 3D soil confinement technology creates high-stiffness roadbed foundations under track, bridge approaches, diamonds and turn outs. Unlike 2D solutions such as geogrids, the GEOWEB system confines soil and creates a stiffened slab by increasing apparent cohesion of otherwise cohesion-less soils.

The system also stabilizes aggregate pavements at intermodal yards and port facilities, and offers solutions for erosion and soil stability challenges on rail embankments and channels. The system is quick to deploy and easy to handle with a railroad’s own crew.

Railway track ballast reinforcement

Our long-term under-track research at AAR-TTCI FAST High Tonnage Loop validates the performance of the GEOWEB system subjected to heavy repeated loads over a long period of time. Through aggregate confinement and superior load distribution, the GEOWEB system reduces subballast rock size substantially, and also lowers cross-section thickness by as much as 50%.

Track downtime for necessary repairs can be reduced by the quickly-installed GEOWEB system, minimizing track disruptions. The GEOWEB system is a better alternative than hot mix asphalt for under-track stabilization in soft subgrade environments. The end result is a more durable subgrade that increases railway life by preventing long-term settlement and consolidation.

Intermodal / bulk transfer facilities and ports

Ruts, potholes, and pavement degradation of intermodal and bulk transfer yards can be dramatically reduced by GEOWEB stiffening. The system creates a stable surface that reduces vertical pressures and lateral stresses on subgrade soils.

Subgrade soils are strengthened, greatly increasing the number of load cycles by as much as 12 to 15 times. The GEOWEB system reduces the fill requirements by 50% or more, extends maintenance cycle–reducing maintenance costs. The permeable pavement surface allows water to infiltrate and performs well in soft-soil environments.

Railway right-of-way erosion control

Slope erosion control, slides and washouts can be prevented with the GEOWEB system for embankments, drainage channels and earthen berms. The flexible system allows varying infill – from topsoil and vegetation to rock and concrete for hard-armor protection. The system creates an economical and permanent protection cover, preventing sloughing and movement of embankment and channel surfaces.

Quick response emergency repair kit

The GEOWEB system is ideal for flood protection and to quickly respond to emergency repairs. Be prepared by keeping GEOWEB material readily available for fast deployment. Many railroads stock material so they can quickly respond to emergency repairs.

Let us work with you to solve your yard stabilization and soil stabilization problems. We offer a complementary project evaluation. Contact us for details.

Soil Stabilisation Solution for Emergency Response

When railroads encounter soft soils, they can halt operations and lead to costly downtime. Soft saturated subgrade under track causes speed reduction and in severe cases even derailment. Right-of-way embankment soils that become saturated after storm events often cause washouts or slides, impacting rail line safety and operations.

Presto Geosystems releases a new white paper

Presto Geosystems has released a new white paper. In it, the company points out that when railroads encounter soft soils, they can halt operations and lead to costly downtime.