MAC Products Electrified Transit Division provides mass transit power distribution accessories and solutions for transit system operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), repair shops and associated operations.

The company also supplies electromechanical devices for rapid transit and locomotive propulsion systems.

MAC manufactures electrical components for use in power transmission to third-rail and catenary systems, as well as products for heavy rail, light-rail and people-moving systems.

We offer products for the diesel electric locomotive, light-rail and mass transit, mining, industrial contact kits and power utility industries.

MAC provides a complete selection of high-performance power and disconnect switches for third-rail applications.
The company offers accessories, components and systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEM).
A DC switchboard and stinger energy delivery system.
MAC's energy delivery systems (EDS) use cutting-edge technology to promote ease of operation, safety and reliability.
The company has provided the complete overhead catenary system (OCS), and worked with multiple OCS contractors in the US.

Third-rail power switches and distribution products

The company provides a complete selection of high-quality third-rail power and disconnect switches.

MAC manufactures manually operated and motorised sectionalising switches for DC power applications, including a bolted pressure design and knife-blade style. Switches may incorporate electrical interlocking to prevent operation when voltage is present.

These units can be tied into SCADA systems for remote operation and monitoring. MAC’s DC Load Break Switch is specifically designed and manufactured for traction power applications with 1,000V DC and currents up to 6,000A.

The Load Break switch is motor-operated and can be controlled locally or remotely. Unlike a typical non-load break disconnect switch, it does not require time-consuming safety checks to ensure the track is de-energised or that current is not flowing prior to operating.

Third-rail connection accessories

Mac offers cast and tubular compression lugs and straight connectors for splicing and terminating cables in harnesses and electrical systems.

The company provides prefabricated cable assemblies, laminated copper bonds and connection enclosures, as well as third-rail insulation, terminals, mechanical connectors and lugs.

MAC is a leading producer of compression, solder and mechanical connectors for mass transit applications. It designs and manufactures components to meet clients’ requirements.

The company also offers copper signal and power bonds for signals and communications use; each bond can be customised in length. The company’s bond welds can be used for molecular welding copper and steel.

Stinger energy delivery systems

Most transit maintenance and repair shops currently handle their auxiliary power stingers under live conditions, even when they are not being applied in the train. Unsafe open and exposed current conductions, poor track-operating trolley systems and flat current-collecting surfaces result in dangerous conditions that often lead to serious injuries.

In response to mounting injuries and other safety issues related to auxiliary and power stingers, MAC has developed an Energy Delivery System (EDS) that uses the latest technology to promote safety, ease of operation and reliability.

OEM electrical components and renewal parts

MAC offers a full line of electromechanical parts used in propulsion and electrical systems by locomotive and transit car builders.

Components include blowout coils, contact tips, bus bar, DC contactors and materials, armatures, connectors and harnesses.

The company manufactures parts to meet customised requirements, drawings and specifications. Its engineers, technicians and machinists can deliver power distribution components for systems, such as locomotives, people-movers, and light-rail vehicles.

Overhead catenary systems

Through a partnership with Switzerland-based Kummler+Matter, MAC offers the Adaptable Railway Cantilever System (ARCAS) for light-rail, tram, electric trolley bus, streetcar and commuter railway systems to customers in the US and Canada.

ARCAS is a modular system consisting of multi-functional components. This modularity, together with the system’s compatibility with existing products, makes it easy to implement conversions to overhead electrification systems using ARCAS.

MAC’s Spring Tensioner is an innovative tensioning device for overhead catenary systems (OCS) that provides constant pull force on the messenger and contact wires, while compensating for elongation or contraction caused by temperature variation.

This tensioning device offers several significant advantages over a traditional balance weight assembly. The device is mounted at wire termination height, away from pedestrian reach, making it safer. It is also lighter and more compact, reducing installation time.

The self-contained device is also cost-effective because it requires less maintenance and is easier to transport and install. It is suitable for mass transit authorities and the public.

MAC Spring Tensioner is expected to provide long, uninterrupted service, having been subjected to intense tests for fatigue, ultimate tensile strength, snap release, efficiency and salt spray. More than 4,000 units have been installed since 2008 without any failure.

Previous OCS projects

MAC Products has worked with multiple OCS contractors in the US, on projects incorporating the design, manufacture and installation of the complete light-rail system.

Products provided on these projects include the complete OCS system, cantilevers, fixed terminations, head spans, section insulators, hangers assemblies and pole brackets, as well as balance weight, spring tensioning devices, pull-off, mid-point anchor and jumper assemblies.

Recent projects that MAC has been involved with are:

  • LA Expo II Project: a 6.6-mile extension, connecting downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica, California
  • Central Mesa, Phoenix Project: a 3.1-mile double track extension, which was completed seven months ahead of schedule
  • Northwest Extension, Phoenix Project: a 3.3-mile light-rail extension.
  • Toronto Transit Commission, Ashbridges Bay Maintenance and Storage Facility
  • Washington DC Streetcar, H Street and Benning Road: a 2.4-mile segment between Union Station and the Anacostia River

About MAC

MAC’s state of-the-art facilities are equipped with advanced systems and computer numerical control (CNC) metalworking technology.

Its highly experienced engineering, technical and craftsmen teams create high-quality products that meet ongoing industry requirements.