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Low, Medium and High Frequency Transformers, Inductors and Components

F.E.EM. designs and manufactures transformers and inductors suitable for low, medium and high frequencies, used throughout the railway industry.

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F.E.EM transformer

F.E.EM. designs and manufactures transformers and inductors suitable for low, medium and high frequencies, which are used throughout the railway industry.

What makes F.E.EM.’s products unique is the company’s ability to develop extremely specialised windings, meaning customers can be assured of reliability and efficiency.

F.E.EM. is an expert in the development of inductive components for DC-DC converters, dry-type inductors and transformers, and cast-resin inductive components.

Conductors, cores and winding techniques for the railway industry

The company is also focused on the discovery of new materials that are able to increase the performance of the inductive components.

The wide range of available conductors, namely copper or aluminium strap, enameled copper or aluminium wire, copper or aluminium plate, or litze wire, and cores, which come in grain-oriented magnetic steel, low-loss high-performance magnetic steel, amorphous c-cut core, ferrite, sendust, granular Fe-Si, MPP, and high-flux varieties, as well as the company’s innovative winding techniques, aid F.E.EM. in its goal of becoming the most flexible supplier in the industry.

F.E.EM.’s expert technical office chooses the best solution for each request, and all F.E.EM. products are IEC-146 compliant.

Moisture-resistant dry-type transformers and inductors

F.E.EM. provides low and medium frequency air-cooled transformers for substation and rolling stock applications. They also supply medium voltage dry-type transformers up to 10kV.

All windings are treated to resist moisture, airborne salt mist, oil vapours, and special oil known as PAO (poliyalphaolephine).

All products are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Inductive components for DC-DC / AC-DC converters

F.E.EM. also manufactures medium and high-frequency transformers and inductors suitable for DC-DC converters and AC-DC converters.

F.E.EM. is heavily focused on developing inductive components for subway rolling stock applications, such as those in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Special winding techniques have been developed by F.E.EM. that allow for optimisation in terms of efficiency and space.

Low and medium frequency water-cooled inductors

Both low and medium frequency water-cooled inductors are available, with a current of up to 10kA.

Water-cooling is also available for F.E.EM. cores and conductors.

These inductive components help reach a 30% reduction in volume, and a 100% copper cross section area reduction.

Cast resin transformers and inductors for thermal dispersion

Low and medium frequency cast resin transformers and auto-transformers can be produced to resist moisture, airborne salt mist, oil vapours, and special oils.

The special epoxy resin on the transformers also aids in increasing thermal dispersion, even without a forced air system.

F.E.EM. special products

F.E.EM. has developed several special products for unique applications, namely square flat plate coils for large electric motors which are substitute for the usual windings inside sophisticated electric motors, and the F.E.EM. 12-pulse rectifier auto-transformer, which decreases weight and dimensions.

F.E.EM. has also cooperated with ST microelectronics to develop an inductive components kit, including new SiC Mosfet technology. This new technology is able to work at a very high frequency (up to 125 kHz), keeping losses to a minimum.

Special Windings

A white paper showcasing F.E.EM's key products, as well as the benefits of flat winding techniques for applications in the rail industry.

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