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3A Composites Introduces Distinctive Visual Identity

Following the introduction of its name a few months ago, the leading supplier of composites materials, 3A Composites today has launched a comprehensive new corporate identity, including a dynamic logo and a visual identity concept.

3A Composites, previously known in the markets as ‘Alusuisse Composites’ and, since 2001, as ‘Alcan Composites’ became a member of the Swiss Schweiter
Technologies group in 2009. 3A Composites’ portfolio includes top brands such as AIREX®, ALUCOBOND®, FOME-COR®, FOREX®, KAPA®, and SINTRA®.

“The name 3A Composites stands for advanced teams, advanced material combinations and advanced solutions for customers,” said CEO Georg Reif on the occasion of the corporate identity launch. He continued, “The combination of people and talents within 3A Composites not only multiplies the strengths of our multi-cultural team, but also enhances the personal development and performance of each team member.”

Thanks to the close cooperation and the systematic utilisation of synergies within the company, customers benefit from the shared global experience and technological
know-how of 3A Composites. Meeting current and anticipating future market needs, is the primary goal of 3A Composites. As a leader in multilayer composite materials, the company is committed to providing customers worldwide with the broadest range of segment-specific solutions and services through the most effective channels.

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