The International chemical cleaning company Chela announced today the launching of their product, BIOGEL 250.

The powerful, high-performance toilet and CET additive contains specifically chosen bacteria designed to consume and digest organic matter present in the toilet / CET environment.

Highly-perfumed BIOGEL 250 contains an odour lock that actively controls odours as well as leaving a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

This liquefies the contents of the storage tank which makes emptying easier and more efficient, which is good for the user but also for the operatives who empty the system.

The 250ml bottle allows accurate and easy dosing, making the daily maintenance of toilets/CETs easier and more effective.

Based in Enfield, north London, Chela provide a wide range of cleaning detergents designed to be used across rolling stock, depot, station environments and more.

The company was established in 1988 and is part of the Fisher Darville Group, providing worldwide distribution and manufacture. With industry approved product ranges, Chela Ltd specialises in supplying the mass transit market.