ADC9000Powernet’s new ADC9000 series design platform covers power supplies and battery chargers from 500W-3200W with rail approvals according to EN50155, while the final products will be optimised in co-operation with customers. The product offers a perfect combination of the latest design knowledge and the individual needs of each customer.

Development work on the Powernet ADC9000 series design platforms began in 2010. The goal was the introduction of a highly reliable, versatile and future-oriented power supply design envelope that could be used for creating customer specific solutions in a fast schedule with low technical risks. The same design platform is aimed at applications requiring rail approval, as well as demanding industrial applications, including marine and military.

The first ADC9000 versions, with 500W output, are now shipping to rail customers in central Europe. The 500W battery charger includes a 230VAC 25A input and 24VDC output, and an operating environment of -40°C to 55°C, with temperature compensation.

The 500W to 1000W power range is covered by a LLC resonant converter topology, pushing efficiency levels into the 90%-95% area, depending on the actual product specification. A high efficiency level will allow for a cooler device, lower power consumption and a longer expected life time.

"We are excited to start shipments of our new rail-approved 500W ADC9000 series power supplies. In line with our key account-based strategy, we will finalise the actual products together with our customers, which means that mechanics, connectors and test specifications can be optimised according to the needs of each customer," said Harry Lilja, VP Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy.

"Modernisation of old trains with limited space and existing wiring architecture is a typical application where product finalisation is needed. So we use our latest design knowledge as a platform and we are able to serve our customers catering to their individual needs."