Water is a threat to all electrics and electronics. In harsh industrial environments or outdoor applications, water can endanger the operational safety within enclosures. Ventilation openings in enclosures are a potential source of vulnerability against penetrating water such as rain or projected water jets. The STEGO FFH 086 hose-proof hood protects these sensitive areas.

At first glance, the hose-proof hoof FFH 086 may seem an unimpressive accessory part. However, the intake and exit openings of filter fan systems are an underestimated source of corrosion, which can jeopardize the safe functioning of enclosure and panel applications. STEGO’s hose-proof hood FFH 086 provides a solution by sealing these areas securely according to protection class IP56.

Developed for the filter fans of the STEGO series FPI/FPO 018 and FF 018, they effectively protect against water jets and foreign particles by means of a silicone seal. The FFH 086 hose-proof hood also fits all manufacturers’ filter fans with standard cut-out sizes.

The FFH 086 hose-proof hood features a robust construction made of stainless-steel and proves to be highly weather and impact resistant. This protects against environmental influences and external intrusions due to mechanical stress and impact. Optional use of a security screw prevents unauthorized removal of the protective cover.

The FFH 086 hose-proof hood is practical and easy-to-use: The outer seal made of food safe silicone ensures a secure fit on the enclosure and is easy to clean. Maintenance of the filter fans remains simple. In order to exchange filter mats, the hose-proof hood just needs be detached from the mounting frame with a sliding movement. The enclosure need not be opened, thus allowing for fast and safe maintenance. The FFH 086 hose-proof hood adheres to UL/NEMA protection class 4/4x and is therefore suitable for worldwide use.