Sonneville management

Sonneville has successfully carried out a number of projects together with its worldwide partners. Since its integration in the Swiss Vigier Group in 2009, Sonneville has grown significantly. Therefore we are glad to inform you about the latest changes to our organisation, which should lead to a continuously prosperous development in the future.

Sonneville president Mrs Anabel Hengelmann has been nominated as chairwoman of Sonneville’s board of directors and consequently handed over the position as president to former vice-president Peter Laborenz. We are very glad to pass on the operative respon­sibility to Peter Laborenz and very sure that with his broad technical experience and his well-established market knowledge to have a great personality to head Sonneville. Anabel Hengelmann will still play an important role at Sonneville and will further assist the team by sharing her long-time railway experience and network.

Additionally, Mr Alexander Geschka, former project manager at Sonneville, took over the position as vice-president.

With this new organisation, we will strengthen our successful cooperation with our existing partners and clients and continue to establish Sonneville in new aspiring countries. We are looking forward to working together with you on prestigious future slab track projects.