The award-winning PC3 series programmable controller is the one-stop answer to all sorts of questions when it comes to industrial computer applications.

Its ease of use and limitless applications have already seen it put into some of the most technologically advanced systems in Australia, and the world is now also taking notice of its unique features. Simplicity is the key, and the PC3 is one of the most simple single board applications on the market.

It is the third generation of the controller developed by OEM Technology Solutions, and previous clients who’ve used the PC1 and PC2 series are applauding this latest incarnation as the best yet.

“Where the PC3 is unique is that normally in a single board computer there is a fixed number of inputs and outputs. The PC3 has been designed to have a series of smaller boards that interlock in whatever configuration you want and then that is enclosed in an aluminium case for each application,” says OEM managing director, Richard Gobee. “The cards can be swapped and changed to suit the requirements of the client.”

“The idea behind the PC3 and its predecessors is that with just the one board a variety of information can be collated and acted upon in real time. The board can read data such as that from input switches, temperature and pressure sensors in one operation and then software can be programmed to act on that information,” he adds.

Already the PC3 has secured a contact with a new Australian rail project for which it was initially designed and OEM is working with a number of other companies for which the PC3 can be adapted.