MULTIRAIL® Technology

MULTIRAIL® is the right track for maximum safety all along the rail. Following the successfully operating MULTIRAIL® LegalWeight, WheelScan and WheelLoad safety systems, Schenck Process now gives the go-ahead to a number of new functions.

Top Safety for All Requirements

Risks are lurking all along any route, railway and train. Defective wheels, damaged tracks or critical load conditions have the potential to cause severe injuries to persons and damage to the material. Designed to minimise these risks, MULTIRAIL® puts up a safety barrier for any foreseeable incidents thanks to its complete, multi-functional monitoring.

MULTIRAIL® Monitoring Technology for the Rail Network

New! MULTIRAIL® TrainMonitoringSystem – a complete train monitoring system, patent pending, which combines various diagnostic functions and actively increases safety on the railway lines.

MULTIRAIL® WheelScan – rapid wheel diagnosis for safety monitoring and early detection of wheel imperfections, wheel loads and load distributions.

New! MULTIRAIL® WheelProfileDiagnostics – designed for highly accurate acquisition of the wheel profile status, this novel diagnostic system alerts the operator to adverse conditions before any substantial damage can occur.

MULTIRAIL® HotboxDetectorSystem – the hotbox detector system identifies the temperatures and prevents overheating.

New! MULTIRAIL® ClearanceMonitor – scanning the entire contour of the train, the clearance monitoring system detects any extraordinary event, such as foreign matter or slipped load, etc. and alerts the operator early enough to take the necessary action.

New! MULTIRAIL® LineMonitor – the horror for any train drivers are objects on the rail. The MULTIRAIL® line monitoring system detects them early and gives the go-ahead when the track is clear.

New! MULTIRAIL® PantographMonitor – the pantograph system monitors the contact pressure of the current-collector on the overhead line.

MULTIRAIL® AxleLoadMonitor – this system precisely monitors the load weight by axle or wheel in the track.

New! MULTIRAIL® TrainCompletenessTest – by means of the reliable MULTIRAIL® force-sensing device, this testing function lets you check all wagons for completeness and correct coupling.

MULTIRAIL® Monitoring Technology for Production Plants and Workshops

New! MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad – the test stand with its fully electromechanical design for total inspection of bogies.

New! MULTIRAIL® WheelLoadMonitor – this monitoring system checks the wheel load and allows early detection of irregular wheel-load distribution which might lead to material damage on the track and costly accidents.

New! MULTIRAIL® CornerLoadMeasurements – the corner-load measurement system acquires by means of a direct force-sensing device the load and centre of gravity distribution on wagon bodies in accordance with DIN 25045, thus precisely establishing the forces acting on the bogies.

MULTIRAIL® OverLoad – the overload measurement system monitors jack systems for overload and irregular load distribution and thus helps to avoid accidents.

The Highly Accurate MULTIRAIL® Weight Meters

MULTIRAIL® LegalWeight – the rail weighing system for dynamic legal-for-trade weighing of trains in accordance with OIML R 106 up to class 0.5 with static reference weigh-bridge as an option.

MULTIBRIDGE® LegalWeight – the platform scale for static legal-for-trade weighing, e.g. during loading of solids and liquids, in accordance to OIML R 106 up to class 0.2. It is also suited for dynamic weighing of individual bogies and complete wagons.

Safety raised to high power with MULTIRAIL® technology