In the longest S-Bahn train of the world, the X60 by Alstom, Voith Turbo is represented with the newly developed SZ-400 final drive. The prototype vehicles that were completed in 2005 have passed their test series, among those tough winter trials in Sweden.

With the X60, the operator Stor-Stockholms Lokaltrafik AB (SL) relies on a totally new S-Bahn train that will replace the old X1, X10 and X420 commuter trains in service around Stockholm. With a length of 107.1 and a width of 330 meters, the train is currently the number one in the world-ranking list of S-Bahn trains. The width measurement is actually only permitted in Sweden and creates comfortable space conditions for the up to five passengers per seat row. In six cars, the train offers seats for 374 and standing room for another 565 travelers.

During the first test runs, the Voith Turbo final drive excelled by its extremely quiet running. Apart from acoustic tests, speed, braking and winter tests had to be carried out, in order to be allowed to put the new S-Bahn train on track. In Sweden, “Dynamic Winter Tests” were run, while in Vienna “Static Winter Tests” were performed almost simultaneously in a climatic chamber. In the past, de-icing took place in thermal halls. In the meantime, de-icing systems are integrated into the track - similar to a sprinkler system. These are also used in Sweden. For this, the final drives had to be sealed off, in order to prevent water from penetrating the transmissions

By January 2007, all of the 660 final drives for the 55 new S-Bahn trains will have been delivered. Due to the excellent performance of the vehicles, SL has ordered further trains from Alstom. Voith Turbo will supply 192 final drives to Alstom as the first tranche of a purchasing option. The option covers another 50 vehicles.