To comply with the comprehensive approval requirements of the Italian public authorities and corresponding regulations, Italian vehicle manufacturer Firema has trusted
the technology of FOGTEC.

In its projects for vehicle operators MCNE and SEPSA, Firema will use the fire alarm technology of the 3000 series in combination with FOGTEC high-pressure water mist technology for the passenger compartment. The whole system will be integrated in a redundant configuration into the train control system at the MVB bus on the vehicle side via the system centres by means of a data interface, and offers a complete online diagnosis with service access from a central working place in the vehicle.

Owing to the experience gained with Italian approval procedures over many years, it has been possible to reduce the approval risk for the manufacturer considerably.

FOGTEC Rail Systems have been able to maintain a good relationship with the Italian approval authorities over a number of years and have a large number of systems in operation in Italy.