Next year, several three- and six-car railcars will be put in service by Irish Rail all around Dublin. Voith Turbo supplies a total of 120 T 211 re.4 + KB 190 turbo transmissions to Rotem, where these railcars are manufactured. The transmissions will be delivered to MTU in Friedrichshafen from December 2005 to September 2006.

At MTU Friedrichshafen, the Voith turbo transmissions will be installed into so-called Powerpacks. The Korean manufacturer Rotem will build the new vehicles in Korea and deliver them to Irish Rail. The vehicles in question are high-speed trains with maximum speeds of 160km/h and an engine output of 360kW per drive unit. From Dublin, they will be used for long-distance passenger services throughout Ireland.

Worldwide, some 6,000 turbo transmissions type 211 are in service. The best-selling Voith turbo transmission has now been developed further and optimally adjusted to the new, powerful six-cylinder engines. Both the transmission input power and the transmission input torque have been increased by 10% to 350kW. Thanks to a state-of-the-art VTDC Voith Turbo control system, the transmission is set up for any future requirements on rail vehicle electronics.


Voith Turbo, the specialist for hydrodynamic drive, coupling and braking systems for road, rail and industrial applications, as well as for ship propulsion systems, is a Group Division of Voith.

Voith sets standards worldwide for papermaking technology, power transmission, energy technology, and industrial services. Voith was founded on January 1st, 1867. With approximately 24,000 employees, annual sales of € 3.3 billion and over 200 locations worldwide, Voith is one of the largest family-owned companies in Europe.