The Board of Directors at EKE-Electronics has appointed Ms. Riitta Ekengren Chairperson of the Board. Ms Ekengren is the majority shareholder of EKE-Electronics. She also acts as Chairperson of the Board at Engineering Office Bertel Ekengren Oy, the main company of the EKE-Group.


EKE-Electronics Ltd is one of the leading global suppliers of intelligent train electronics. The EKE-Trainnet product portfolio includes train management systems, communication gateways, event recorders and other solutions that make trains comfortable for passengers and profitable for operators. Since 1985 EKE-Electronics has delivered products for metros, high speed and tilting trains as well as both diesel and electric trains and locomotives. The benefits of EKE-Trainnet systems come from improved train functionality, secure and reliable train operation, optimized stock mobilization, and savings in maintenance costs.