TagMaster, innovator and developer of advanced RFID solutions for wireless communication systems, has together with the system integrator Mondragón Sistemas once again won a prestigious railway order in Spain.

This time the TagMaster RFID system is installed in the Madrid Metro, the largest metro system in Spain with 12 lines, in a project similar to the TagMaster installation in the London Underground. Like in the London Underground, Madrid Metro uses a TETRA radio system for communication between trains and the communication centre.

Mondragón Sistemas, the main contractor, will take charge of the whole installation: readers, tags and the communication equipment between the RFID system and the TETRA manager server which commands the TETRA train on-board equipment. In addition, Mondragón Sistemas will develop a software package to make easy the control, monitoring, management and configuration of the system, even the communication with other applications of Madrid Metro.

Initially the installation of the TagMaster RFID system will enable the on-board train radio to automatically change talk group when the train enters a new zone. Thus, the purpose of the installation is the same as for the TagMaster project with Motorola in the London Underground, although in Madrid the readers will be mounted on the track and the tags underneath the train. The first phase of the project involves 37 pieces of S1569 Heavy Duty Track Readers, equipped with direction detection function, along with over 1,000 Heavy Duty ID-Tags.

This first installation forms a system platform on which the intention is an expansion to also include rolling stock management. It will also automatically identify train movements in the underground and may work as a backup for the CTC.

“It is certainly our intention to expand this system for all the lines and the rolling stock with management and automatic positive identification purposes,” said representative of Madrid Metro.

“We are very pleased with this order as it is the result of a very good cooperation between all parties involved. Together we have provided the Madrid Metro with a communication solution that beats all competition. Once more, we demonstrate that TagMaster is a strong RFID supplier within the railway industry,” said Magnus Rehn, President of TagMaster AB.

About Mondragón Sistemas

Mondragón Sistemas is an engineering company with 24 years of experience and six main offices in Spain. The company markets solutions in Telecommunications, Security and Intelligent Transport Systems. Mondragón Sistemas human team is composed of a hundred professionals, engineers, physics and informatics specialists, with particular know-how on system integration in large industry and transportation customers.