Diesel-hydraulic drive concepts in the power class up to 2,500kW have firmly established themselves with state railways, private rail operators and leasing companies in recent years.

The reason for this success are the low investment and operating costs of hydrodynamic drive technology which has proven itself in various power classes and application areas.

With the development of the new LS 640 Turbo-Split® transmission, Voith Turbo has consistently expanded this success to outputs of up to 5,000kW and, by taking this step, has entered a market segment which had previously been reserved for electric locomotives.

In order to get this technology successfully on the rails also in the heavy performance class, Voith Turbo has decided to develop a suitable locomotive concept for this out-put range.

Voith Turbo intends to offer this locomotive concept to interested customers, such as rail vehicle manufacturers or railway operators, for license manufacturing on the basis of approved prototypes, and to supply these customers with the driveline, as well as individual core components.