The new system from Amberg Technologies for absolute (3D) clearance surveying provides unique, comprehensive, 3D environment surveying, track geometry and clearance envelope management.

All data is recorded in a single surveying process, reducing track possession time to a minimum. Both total stations and GPS sensors (RTK) are supported to facilitate data georeferencing.

Condition and inventory surveys

The advantages for using this system for condition and inventory surveys are:

  • Efficient, economical, tailor-made
  • Highest surveying performance for minimum mobilisation effort – rail transport to the surveying site is not essential
  • Operations are barely impacted during data acquisition thanks to the high surveying speed

Real time clearance checking on track

The advantages for using this system for real time clearance checking on track are:

  • Immediate visual and acoustic warning of clearance problems during surveying
  • Synchronised data registration of environment and track parameters – additional track possession for axis surveying is not required

Scanned data processing

The advantages for using this system for scanned data processing are:

  • Scanned data processing for transfer to external encroachment database
  • Automatic reduction of millions of data points to the required results (clearance map and individual cross sections)

Automated evaluations – fast and fitting

The system also provides:

  • Inspection of the as-built situation based on various clearance envelopes
  • Clearance analysis for new routing
  • Use of complex clearance envelopes composed of walkways vehicles and pantographs
  • Generation and export of geo-referenced point clouds for further processing
  • Results are rapidly available
  • 3D visualisation – for uncomplicated and clearer visualisation of the clearance envelope results