TagMaster is one of the selected exhibitors that will be present at the EuroRail 2005 railway summit. The conference / exhibition will take place at the Hilton Hotel on 25 to 27 January in Berlin, Germany. EuroRail 2005 will bring together the region’s key decision makers from operators, infrastructure managers, regulators and government ministries in one place at one time.

TagMaster is the supplier of high-performance RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems to the railway industry. The readers and ID-tags, operating at high speed and at long range, are used for automatic identification and positioning of all types of rolling stock in projects for traffic monitoring & passenger information, maintenance & quality control and positioning for reliable real-time information onboard the train. Whether there is a need for train-, sleeper- or trackside-mounted readers, TagMaster provides this along with a range of small and easily mounted heavy duty ID-tags. The products operate at 2.45GHz and have been developed and proven to meet railway requirements such as resistance to EMI, vibration and shock.