HEIDENHEIM/SHANGHAI. Two years ago the way was paved for Voith Turbo Power Transmission, a new subsidiary company of the Heidenheim engineering company Voith AG. In its capacity as the Chinese sales, production and service outlet, the new company ensures optimum closeness to the market and the customers of the Group Division in China.

All the calculations turned out correct; this is proven by the company’s success since coupler assembly began in the middle of last year: 48 Voith Turbo Scharfenberg couplers have already been delivered.

Since May this year, this is added by the assembly, paint-finishing and inspection of final drives: 24 units have been produced for Bombardier so far. They are installed in the vehicles of Line 2 of the Metropolitan Metro of Guangzhou. This is a completely new line which is being built because of the increasing demands for public transport services.