After extensive evaluations, Vossloh Information Technologies (Vossloh IT) has selected TagMaster’s RFID system to provide accurate information about the location of the trains in the Hamburg Metro. The TagMaster equipment will be integrated in the total operations monitoring and control system supplied by Vossloh IT.

The order includes 800 TagMaster Heavy Duty high speed tags to be mounted on more than 300 railcars operating in the metro, along with 190 Heavy Duty readers to be sleeper mounted at strategic locations in the metro. The new reader has been developed in close cooperation with HOCHBAHN and Vossloh IT, with requirements to detect tags as well as the ability to determine the direction of the passing train. In strong competition, TagMaster has proved their competence and speed to meet the specific customer requirements of this project.

HOCHBAHN is the third largest metro in Germany with more than a million daily travellers and hence very high requirements on the information system deployed. TagMaster’s state-of the-art RFID equipment will be interfaced to Vossloh IT’s integrated operations monitoring and control system, which improves service for passengers, optimises control processes and decreases operational and personnel costs.

“TagMaster was the RFID supplier that could fulfil all the requirements for our project. We already have large experience with RFID equipment and we are confident that TagMaster with their products and staff will meet up to our high expectations.“ – Mr Schümann, Project Manager HOCHBAHN.

“We are very pleased with this order as it is the result of an extensive cooperation between TagMaster, the system integrator Vossloh IT and the operator HOCHBAHN. Understanding the market and the unique requirements allows us to be successful and at the same time this order is a confirmation of TagMaster’s strategy to focus on rail bound transportation.” – Magnus Rehn, President of TagMaster AB.