Track Australia (TA), an Australian railway construction firm, was sold by Plasser & Theurer, the world’s leading Austrian manufacturer of railway machinery to Rhomberg, a private Austrian group of companies with headquarters in Bregenz.

TA was founded in 1998 by Plasser & Theurer’s Australian subsidiary together with the state-owned railway administration Rail Infrastructure Cooperation (RIC) in the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW). TA railway machinery is in operation all over NSW in connection with the maintenance and renewal of railway tracks.

The company was fully integrated into the Rhomberg group with retrospective effect of 1 January 2005. The Rhomberg companies started working in the field of construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure as early as 1950. Over the past years, they provided their services in Norway, England, Romania, Germany and Switzerland, amongst others.

The favorable economic conditions prevailing in Australia paired with the amount of comprehensive infrastructure investment and upgrading measures currently scheduled by public and private investors promise a high potential of long-term growth for the railway sector.

TA constitutes a further milestone on Rhomberg’s road to internationalization and its continuous effort to offer high quality service in the field of railway construction.