The more valuable raw materials become, the more important it is to handle them responsibly. This also applies to weighing systems, as small inaccuracies can add up and become major cost factors. In contrast, an exact measuring technology optimises the entire weighing process and therefore ensures lower costs. MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight from Schenck Process offers a solution, which makes sound economic sense.

Raw materials and the preliminary products made from them are becoming more expensive by the day. The incoming and outgoing checks on goods made from such high quality materials is of key importance for the business management of modern industries. In this context, liquids in tank waggons are a particularly special challenge. On the one hand, every litre here counts, and on the other, weighing is a technical challenge.

Liquids in train waggons remain in motion for a long time. Train drivers, shunters and the weighing team require lots of patience, because before the trains can be statically weighed on traditional track weighbridges, the liquid sloshes around for several minutes after the waggon has been stopped and decoupled. This requires time – and therefore, money.

With MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight, Schenck Process introduced a revolutionary solution to dynamically weigh train sets with tank waggons. With this system, the precise weight of every individual waggon is recorded fully automatically, simply while the train is in motion. The weighing output is considerably increased using this approach – with reduced error rates being achieved at the same time.

Thanks to MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight, all interference from train dynamics is avoided. With no bridges, no gaps, and no variations in rigidity, the waggons drive over a perfectly normal track.

After many installations of MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight, the first system in the OIML class 0.2 (MID approved) for weighing individual waggons was commissioned in the summer of 2008 – a milestone for dynamic weighing technology.

The MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight is on display at the Schenck Process stand at the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology, InnoTrans, 23-29 September, in Berlin.