Before the award-winning PC3 programmable controller, OEM Technology Solutions was already making waves with its PC1 series of programmable controllers, which are still the company’s most successful product offering ever.

“Since our first PC1 controller was developed in 2002, we have shipped thousands of these units worldwide,” says Gobee.

OEM Technology Solutions has developed three models of the controller which range from the large PC1000 to the smaller PC1200.

“These three models have a range of digital and analogue inputs and outputs, but they can also be tailored further with our IO.teso expansion modules to create the perfect I/O configuration for every job,” says Gobee.

The ProTeso PC1 range of programmable controllers (PLCs) have been designed and manufactured to comply with the international standard EN50155 to meet the most demanding rail applications.

They are a low profile device, housed in rugged enclosures to reduce the effects of vibration. Field wiring terminations to the controllers are made via plug/socket cage clamp connectors with V0 flammability.

“The controllers have been designed to operate on a wide range of supply voltages and in demanding environmental conditions, making them ideal for a broad range of industrial applications.” says Gobee.

The PC1 Series can be programmed in any of the IEC61131-3 PLC programming languages or supplied as ‘C’ programmable devices. The standard units come with three serial ports, but data-logging FLASH memory and ethernet are simple add on options.

“These products are proudly Australian designed and manufactured and have been used in numerous industries such as transportation, water and waste and telecommunications,” says Gobee.