The Ladbroke Grove Rail Inquiry Report by Lord Cullen was published by the Health and Safety Executive on 19 June 2001.

In response to the publication of the Cullen Report, Pickersgill-Kaye Limited (PK) have decided to increase awareness within the Rail Industry of the various PK product developments that may assist with the implementation of certain recommendations highlighted in the report.

These are the product areas where PK can offer potential solutions :

LED illuminated emergency signage with local battery back up

(ref recommendation nos. 73 & 74)

Emergency door hatch locks as developed with Interfleet Technology and First Great Western for the HST intermediate end sliding doors

(ref recommendation no. 76)

Complete staff door / lock emergency override solution (so as doors can be opened under emergency situations but still provide staff security under normal operation)

(ref recommendation no. 77)

PK can incorporate LED backlighting (with local battery back up) into existing PK emergency egress devices

(ref recommendation no. 78)

PK already supply hammer box / break panel units to Virgin CrossCountry and Siemens new build. These units could be upgraded to incorporate LED backlighting (with local battery back up) as well as microswitching either the break panel or hammer removal

(ref recommendation no. 80)

PK and HSBC Rail are continuing with the development of the K-Tex emergency window breaker as featured on Tomorrow’s World. The device consists of a simple mechanism fitted into the body-side next to a window. Pulling the operating handle causes a spring to drive two chisels forward, breaking both panes of glass simultaneously. The operating handle can be protected with a cover to prevent inadvertent or malicious operation. Further options can be provided such as a sliding cover, brake interlock, delayed or speed sensing release, back lighting (with battery back up), spring load cell detection and white noise directional sound

(ref recommendation no. 81)

PK already supply passenger emergency switch / valve units to Mk IV and Nightstock vehicles which only allow the removal of the hammer once the emergency device has been actuated. PK could adapt this design to suit other vehicle builds where necessary

(ref recommendation no. 82)

PK and The engineering link have had preliminary discussions regarding developing an appropriate escape hatch product for the Rail market

(ref recommendation no. 83)

PK and Interfleet Technology have made several commercial offers to provide inside handle locking assemblies for fitment to Mk III / HST vehicles (and

potentially Mk II vehicles). This product would ease the egress from the vehicles

(ref Executive Summary section 1.5)

Pickersgill-Kaye Limited has been involved in the supply of safety critical products to the rail industry for over 100 years. We hope you find this

information useful and we would be glad to discuss further your specific requirements.