Gunnebo Entrance Control begins 2005 with great prospects for the rest of the year when signing large orders with TMB Barcelona Metro and Toulouse Metro worth more than €2.6 million.

During the final weeks of 2004, Gunnebo Entrance Control signed two prestigious contracts for the implementation of various entrance control equipment in the Barcelona and Toulouse Metros.

TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona) has awarded Gunnebo Entrance Control to provide 63 HiddenGates and six SAS PMR gates (gates specially designed for disabled access) for primarily Line 2 in the Barcelona Metro. Line 2 is the first line in Barcelona, which will be fully automated and will work with no personnel in the stations. Additionally to the different installations, Gunnebo Entrance Control was also given the task of retrofitting the hardware and firmware for the Pep Ventura metro station, which is already equipped with Gunnebo Entrance Control’s gates.

“I’m naturally very pleased that TMB has chosen us for this prestigious order. Our company’s extensive experience, competence and professional support regarding metro entrance control solutions proved decisive for TMB’s choice,” says Mr Lars Proos, President of Gunnebo Entrance Control. “After installing the gates in Line 2, we can proudly say that our equipment will be in operation in all-existing TMB urban lines,” continues Mr Proos.

Concerning the Toulouse Metro project, Gunnebo Entrance Control is involved in an agreement with ASCOM (main contractor), SNEF (electric engineering company), and SILOGIC (IT Service consultant company). The project started in the turn of the year and is scheduled to be completed in September 2007. Gunnebo Entrance Control will, during this time, install 209 Tripod Turnstiles, 67 dummies, 36 gates for disabled, and 66 HiddenGates Full Panel.

“We start the new year in an impressive style and I’m obviously very pleased that Gunnebo Entrance Control continues to be a dominant market leader in most aspects of entrance control solutions,” says Mr Lars Proos. “The two large metro orders prove it and our success is firmly based on expertise, innovative solutions and state-of-the-art long-term development work,” continues Mr Proos.