Recently, CRRC signed a contract for the design and manufacturing of six narrow-gauge AC drive diesel locomotives and a ten-year maintenance service with a customer in the Democratic Republic (DR) of the Congo by means of ‘Online Signing’. This is the first time China will export AC drive locomotives to the Central African country

These locomotives are the first batch of exported narrow-gauge AC drive locomotives that have been manufactured domestically, from parts to the whole locomotive, and have completely independent intellectual property rights in China. The locomotive power adopts the medium-speed diesel engine of Model 240, independently developed by the company, which effectively replaces the introduced diesel engine that the exported narrow-gauge diesel locomotive has always relied on, and solves the long-standing bottleneck problem in this field. The medium-speed diesel engine of Model 240 is advanced, mature, and reliable in quality, and more than 3,400 units have been widely used in rail transportation, power generation, marine, and other fields.

This batch of locomotives is a mainline freight diesel locomotive tailor-made for the DR Congo and other African users, taking into account the characteristics of the local railway operating environment.

The advanced AC drive technology is adopted for the locomotive, which has many advantages such as good adhesion performance, high traction force, and good operation efficiency. At the same time, the breakthrough in the lightweight technology for the locomotive weight successfully solves the problem that the locomotive needs to have a light axle load and be fitted with a medium-speed diesel engine. The locomotive also adopts the concepts of simplification and platform design, which not only improve the operational reliability and maintainability of the locomotive, but also provide a comfortable driving environment for the drivers and crew.

It is reported that, as a leading enterprise in the export of diesel locomotives in China, the company has exported more than 1,100 units of various types of locomotives to 33 countries around the world, accounting for more than 50% of China’s exports of diesel locomotives. Among them are more than 200 units of locomotives for mainline freight and passenger transport and shunting operations, and more than ten sets of DMUs have been exported to 15 African countries. The products have covered areas with harsh environment such as high temperature, high humidity, high altitude, and strong sandstorms, making positive contributions towards helping local railway transportation and promoting economic development.