APSYS Risk Engineering

APSYS is a specialist in performing risk assessment studies across a range of industries, including railway, nuclear / defence and petrochemical sectors.

Technological and organisational solutions for the railway sector

A number of organisation and technical issues can arise in the rail industry. These can include technical and strategic assistance for design of transportation and railway system, performance optimisation in terms of availability, regularity and punctuality. Issues may also arise in safety studies for rapid transit, Metro, high-speed and conventional line at level or sub-system levels.

Issues regarding reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) and safety analysis for rolling stock, signalling, command and control, infrastructure, energy and power supply systems can also be problematic.

APSYS performs risk assessments studies in a number of industries, including the railway sector.
APSYS provides solutions to resolve organisational and technological issues, such as performance optimisation, strategic assistance and service punctuality.
APSYS undertakes safety, system validation and design specification assessments.
APSYS also aims to challenge economic and regulatory constraints through project risk management and cost optimisation.
Performance analysis of a railway system is carried out by APSYS to diagnose operational performance.

APSYS has a range of services to resolve these issues, including:

  • Independent safety assessment
  • Installation procedure and user manuals
  • Project and safety plans
  • Safety studies in accordance with EN 50126, EN 50128 and IEC 61508 regulations
  • System / subsystem test specifications and validation
  • System design specifications
  • System safety studies
  • Test and commissioning process

Resolutions for economic and regulatory constraints in rail applications

APSYS offers a number of solutions to aid clients with economic and regulatory issues.

This includes integrated logistic support, in-service operational performance follow-up, troubleshooting and leverage actions, service level agreements, public-private partnership (PPP) / contractual logistic support issues, alignment with existing regulations and obsolescence management.

APSYS provides a number of facilities to handle similar issues, such as:

  • Certification
  • Contract management
  • Cost optimisation
  • Design process assurance
  • Lifecycle cost (LCC)
  • Project management
  • Project risk management
  • Qualification

Railway operation and system lifecycle optimisation

Clients in the railway industry are continuously looking for ways to gain improved operational availability, reduce operation costs and optimise the service life of their systems.

APSYS offers a number of services so that clients can achieve these goals, including:

  • Assessment plans
  • Documentation reviews
  • Safety audits
  • Delivery of certification

Railway analysis and development services

APSYS secures design and implementation of railway systems by ensuring software quality assurance, reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) and logistical support.

The company’s services are complemented with a warranty, which can take two different forms according to the customer’s specifications; the ‘independent safety assessor’ and ‘verification and validation’.

APSYS offers a performance analysis of a client’s railway system, which is integrated with their simulation tools to diagnose its operational performance, describe degradations or improvements and back-up investment choices.