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Level Crossing Systems for Railways

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STRAIL provides sustainable level crossing systems, track damping solutions and plastic sleepers for railways.

The company’s solutions are tailor-made for clients using environmentally friendly, recycled materials.

Railway crossing systems

STRAIL level crossing systems enable easy, quiet and safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians. The applications range from narrow gauge and tram lines, to busy freight train routes.

A combination of the STRAIL and pontiSTRAIL level crossings.
The pedeSTRAIL system allows pedestrians to cross tracks safely.
The veloSTRAIL level crossing system ensures safe crossing for cyclists and the disabled.

The systems can be installed on pavements, bicycle paths and state roads, as well as in industrial plants. They offer a superior alternative to loud and uneven level crossings, and contribute to road safety.

The company offers crossing system components for different surfaces, rails, crossing angles, track gauges and sleeper constructions, as well as banks, difficult track geometries, turnout areas, tunnels or bridges.

Level crossing systems for vehicles

STRAIL level crossings are reliable, durable and economical, even under high-climatic pressure or heavy vehicle loads. Installation and remodelling can be carried out quickly without any interruptions to traffic, and often without machinery. Elements can be removed and reinstalled quickly for maintenance.

STRAIL is a premium quality system for busy crossings and vehicles, offering in 600mm and 1,200 mm inner panels.

The cost-effective innoSTRAIL solution is made for crossings with medium-to-high traffic loads, and can be installed independently of sleeper spacing.

The extra-strong pontiSTRAIL outer panel system for maximum loads imposed by heavy vehicles. Its panels are available in 910mm and 713mm, the latter being compatible with previously installed T-kerbstones.

Systems for pedestrian crossing railway tracks

The company offers pedeSTRAIL, a secure crossing for pedestrians and cyclists at level crossings, railway stations, tram stops, depots and industrial plants, as well as pedeSOLAR LED lighting to ensure safety at the crossings.

Level crossings for cyclists and the disabled

Featuring an inner panel system that eliminates flange grooves, veloSTRAIL was specifically designed to provide convenient passage for cyclists and disabled pedestrians.

An easily replaceable flangeway element avoids the need the flange groove and is easily replaceable without removing the inner panel.

veloSTRAIL inner panels are available in 600mm and 1,200mm, and are designed for a maximum train speed of 120km/h.


STRAIL was established for level crossing systems and focuses on the development of its three product families at its headquarters in Tittmoning, Upper Bavaria.

In close cooperation with clients, it further optimises solutions to connect street and rails, or minimise the difference between them.

The company’s range is constantly expanding with new components for level crossings systems, damping elements and plastic sleepers for tramway and railway lines.

The base material for all three product ranges is recycled material, including vulcanised rubber compounds for STRAIL level crossing systems and its track damping systems and extruded, fibre-reinforced plastic recyclate for sleepers.

STRAIL products are extremely sustainable and eco-friendly, and the company is ISO: EN 9001 certified and a Q1 supplier of Deutsche Bahn.

The company has installed approximately 40,000 level crossings in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Göllstraße 8
D-84529 Tittmoning

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