Wabtec’s Wayside Condition Monitoring is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that provides non-contact monitoring of rolling stock conditions. Key rolling stock components are monitored, including wheels, brakes, bearings, air hoses, and cross keys, extending to full train inspection. The portfolio combines machine vision with remote sensing technology and advanced analytics to optimise inspection for increased asset availability and reduced operational costs.

Wayside Condition Monitoring brings together Beena Vision’s digital high-speed imaging technology with Track IQ’s acoustic, thermal, and vibration sensor-based systems to produce an industry-leading suite of wayside inspection solutions.

Together, these technologies provide:

The RailBAM system measures bearing noise to detect early and advanced axle bearing defects during a train pass by at line speed.
Automated Condition Monitoring: Detailed condition assessment of train components, ranging from wheel surface condition to full train inspection, while operating in service and at high speeds
Utilising machine vision, acoustic, thermal, vibration, and noise sensing technologies, the systems automatically capture images or other measurement data while the train moves through the inspection portal.
  • Automated condition monitoring: detailed condition assessments of train components, ranging from wheel surface condition to full train inspection while operating in service and at high speeds
  • Maintenance optimisation: identifying defects for proactive maintenance and component lifecycle management
  • Advanced analytics: data analysis algorithms tailored to customer inspection requirements.

Wabtec’s digital solutions aim to optimise operations while also improving safety and reducing dwell times.

Railroads across the world are faced with the challenge of increasing asset availability while minimising costs. Inspection, maintenance, and repair of rail assets continues to be a difficult process that is costly, time-consuming, and intensive. Wabtec’s range of products aims to simplify the monitoring of rolling stock conditions while reducing operational costs.

Contact-free monitoring systems for rolling stock

Wabtec’s Wayside Condition Monitoring uses four main elements, namely data capture, processing, transmission, and inspection insights. Combining Beena Vision’s advanced, high-speed digital imaging and non-contact measurement technology with Track IQ’s sensor-based systems, Wayside Condition Monitoring is an industry-leading suite of wayside inspection solutions. These technologies help with automated condition monitoring, optimised maintenance, and advanced analytics.

Data capture uses machine vision, acoustic, thermal, vibration, and noise sensing technologies to automatically capture images or other measurement data while the train moves through the inspection portal.

The acquired images or measurement data are then processed by algorithms that identify defects on the rolling stock.

Analysis results are then securely transmitted to either a customer’s on-site platform or Wabtec’s cloud-based platform for centralised storage and reporting. Detected issues are automatically routed to end-users.

Inspection insights such as data visualisation, alarm management, and data analytics are centrally available through a comprehensive web-based interface.

Comprehensive analytical tools for rail vehicles

Wabtec offers a range of tools and analytics designed to support global fleets of assets and provide constant monitoring. Data such as operating conditions, configurations, previous maintenance history, and locomotive data are readily available to help customers decide on the required course of maintenance for locomotives.

The company’s range of wayside inspection systems automatically monitor the conditions of different locomotive parts while the train is in motion. Our portfolio includes component inspection systems for optimal performance on wheels, tracks, bogies (trucks), bearings and cars.

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Wabtec High-performance condition monitoring software

FleetONE and the Condition Monitoring Management System (CMMS) are advanced data management systems that integrate condition monitoring data from asset monitoring devices.

As data integration platforms, FleetONE and CMMS can provide views of vehicles or components such as a wheel, bearing, or bogie/truck that show all the relevant measurements in one place.

Using this consolidated data, FleetONE and CMMS can create customisable reports on the condition of the entire vehicle fleet. The software also includes a search feature, allowing users to compose, save, and edit searches in the database to create condition-based maintenance rules.

About Wabtec

Wabtec is a global rail technology focused on creating a sustainable passenger transportation and freight network. It offers one of the most comprehensive locomotive portfolios in the world and supports a variety of locomotive needs. The company has more than 150 years of experience in providing transportation solutions for the freight, transit, mining, industrial, and marine industries. Offering solutions such as customised inventory management and electronic, mechanical, and pneumatic components for locomotives, Wabtec’s products and capabilities cover all railway-industry disciplines.

Wabtec is operated in two business segments, namely the freight and transit segments. The freight segment covers services, equipment, components, and digital electronics. Approximately 20% of rail freight worldwide is moved by a Wabtec locomotive and nearly 20% of freight cars across the globe feature Wabtec products. The company’s digital solutions are designed to help customers improve productivity and meet environmental, social, and governance targets. Wabtec’s integrated product suit combines a trip optimiser suite, positive train control (PTC), network solutions, and the Locotrol Platform to help reduce fuel usage and emissions, resulting in greater fuel savings. Fuel efficiency combines with asses performance management to create network optimisation that enhances both productivity and safety.

With more than 27,000 employees across 50 countries worldwide, Wabtec is a leading provider of technologies to enhance the future of transportation. The company aims to help customers by providing sustainable industrial rail solutions that improve efficiency, productivity, and safety. Using an integrated and efficient approach, Wabtec uses its range of resources to provide timely and reliable solutions to customers across the globe.