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Rail Industry Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

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Traintic provides made-to-measure technological solutions for the rail sector of the information and communication systems industries. Our products include intelligent transport systems (ITS) based on information and communications technologies (ICT) for the railway industry.

ITS for trams, metro trains, multiple units, high-speed trains and locomotives

Since its foundation Traintic has provided solutions covering a complete range of services, starting from the very first stage of development when necessities exist but the solutions are not yet clearly defined. Our ITS can be used for all types of rail vehicles, including trams, metro trains, diesel and electric multiple units, high-speed trains and locomotives.

Rail ITS products

Thousands of train operators and passengers worldwide enjoy the benefits of our integrated systems.

Train control and supervision systems

We provide modular systems of train control, monitoring and supervision based on TCN communication standards.

The Traintic-Cosmos TCMS system is a distributed and modular system based on configurable racks.
Through Traintic's telecommunication systems, intelligent data analysis tools are used in order to study both alarms and events.
Traintic's event recorder has excellent functionality despite its small size (half-rack of 19in).
Bogie variable monitoring system: bearing temperature, acceleration, vibration, etc.

Variable monitoring systems

Systems for measuring and monitoring a wide range of variables, such as bearing temperature, acceleration, oil levels, etc.

Train-parameter recording systems

Recording system whose main function is to log a train's parameters. It is a black box for use on rail vehicles.

Passenger information and video system

A platform for travel information and video, guaranteeing that passengers are informed, safe and comfortable.

Train telecommunication systems

The latest train telecommunication solutions are used by Traintic today for remotely communicating the desired information from one location to another.

Rail ITS projects worldwide

The Madrid and Brussels metros, a suburban train in Mexico, a high-speed train in Turkey and a suburban train in Northern Ireland – these are just a few examples of the thriving international expansion that we are involved in, with more than 30 worldwide projects in progress.

Rail ITS development

Traintic's command of the development of its ITS is obtained through having access to diverse areas of knowledge:

  • Experience with buses: TCN, 485, Ethernet and CAN
  • Detection, recording and monitoring of any variable on a train
  • Development of TCN interfaces for other rail suppliers
  • Gateways
  • Communication paths
  • Remote communications: data transmission such as GSM, GPRS, WiFi, 3G, etc.
  • Inside-out knowledge: from the on-board part to the central control post and from the physical to the application layer

About Traintic

Our aim is to offer value to our clients. Value transforms new knowledge into a competitive advantage as part of a continually developing innovation culture.

Technology is closely linked to our activity and we treat it as an element that creates and enables opportunities, while being omnipresent to serve our premise of creating value.

To respond to the needs of an increasingly specialized market, we make use of our main asset – the talent of our group, which is capable of creating value by providing personalised services for our clients. We comprise a group of people whose mentality is capable of responding to any of the needs or concerns of our clients.

Parque Tecnológico de San Sebastián
Paseo Mikeletegi 58 2°
20009 San Sebastián

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