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Enterprise Asset Management Solutions for the Transportation Industry

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Supeo provides enterprise asset management solutions to railway companies, transportation infrastructure operators and public passenger authorities.

Asset management software for transport companies

Supeo’s asset management software system, Sitra, is a more effective way of undertaking document, workflow and enterprise management. It is used by 75% of Danish private transport companies.

The software is interactive and uses GPS data and near field communication (NFC) tags to increase traceability and visibility.

Sitra creates an overview of assets that are due for inspection so operators can streamline their maintenance scheduling and delegate assignments to authorised employees.

Supeo specialises in enterprise asset management solutions for the railway industry.
Sitra is an asset management software system that optimises document, workflow and enterprise management.
Supeo's system enables users to edit, publish and distribute documents digitally.
Employees can create notifications about security incidents using an easy-to-use interface.
The software features map integration that provides a visual overview of assets, trains and technicians' locations.
Sitra offers instant communication through safety messages to employees concerning temporary speed restrictions and maintenance work.
Sitra is an advanced back-end system with electronic ticket and penalty fare-issuing features.
Railway operators can optimise workflow planning through a centralised, dynamic service book.
Sitra streamlines the process of registering and issuing penalty fares to passengers and can perform a range of tasks, including providing tickets and debt collection

The system provides easy access to data through its intuitive, mobile platform using forms for in-field fault reporting and error report management.

Document management for the publication of digital documents

Sitra asset management system allows users to edit, publish and distribute new document versions digitally, eliminating the process of issuing and storing paper documents.

Sitra enables railway operators to optimise efficiency and workflow planning by creating a centralised, dynamic service book that handles leases, warranties, manuals, regulations, personnel certifications and internal documents.

The document management system features resources, asset visibility and traceability that is similar to built-to-audit software for increased compliance.

Safety management tools for the railway industry

Supeo provides safety management tools to allow employees to create notifications about security incidents.

By allowing instant access to the latest documents, safety administrators can create and enforce security procedures. These tools aid compliance with regulations, legislation and procedures and contribute to accurate auditing.

Sitra enables instant communication of safety messages to employees, including temporary speed restrictions and maintenance work.

Users can create incident and in-field fault reports, which act as a dynamic warning system.

Combined with real-time order dispatches, Sitra improves compliance by allowing the configuration of a dynamic workflow and maintenance scheduling for daily operations.

Railway planned maintenance and task management

Sitra organise planned maintenance and task assignment through interaction between its assets, documentation and safety management functions.

The system features map integration for a visual overview of assets, trains and technicians’ locations.

Sitra acts as a mobile workforce solution that gives railway operators information about employees’ skill sets and matches their abilities to specific tasks.

It is an advanced back-end system with an electronic ticket and penalty fare-issuing function that can fully integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

The mobile printer solution streamlines the process of registering and issuing penalty fares to passengers. As an electronic cashless system, it reduces the interaction time between a revenue control or ticket enforcement officer and the passenger.

Simultaneous logging means that Sitra can handle the entire process from issuing tickets and penalty fares to debt collection. The software can be fully integrated with existing systems.

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