Steatite is a market leader in the supply of industrial and rugged mobile computing platforms and integrated battery solutions for customers who demand high performance and reliability in critical and environmentally challenging situations.

The transportation industry has some of the most demanding requirements when it comes to operational hardware. It requires products that are designed for more severe operating environments and must also meet the commercial needs of the project.

With 25 years of experience in producing mission-critical systems for the military and with the commercial demands of the security sector, Steatite is bridging the gap with the very latest railway approved rugged hardware platforms. Using our in-house compliance testing for EMC, temperature, shock and vibration, we can de-risk your project and shorten your time to market.

Fanless embedded computers.
Hardened managed and unmanaged PoE switches.
Monitors for control rooms.
Portable power solutions.
Rack mount computers.
Rugged computers.
Steatite has designed, manufactured, delivered and now supports ticket printing solutions in most UK train operating companies.
Steatite is bridging the gap with the very latest railway approved rugged hardware platforms.

Typical features of Steatite products include:

  • Wide temperature hardware, tested to -40°C to 75°C
  • Tested systems to EN50121, EN50155 and E-Mark
  • Product lifecycle management of up to seven years
  • In-house engineering team and full solution design
  • Microsoft Windows embedded gold partner for server
  • Windows and SQL

Fanless embedded computers

Steatite has a range of rugged fanless computers designed for rail and road applications that require solutions certified to industry standards, while also being power efficient and compact.

Features of the fanless embedded computers include:

  • Based on a range of CPUs ranging Atom to Intel 3rd Gen Core i7
  • EN50155 and EN50121 certified for rail use
  • E-Mark (E13) certification and ISO 7637 power for in-vehicle use
  • Extended operating temperature range up to -40°C to 70°C
  • Isolated COM ports
  • Expansion for GPS or 3G connectivity
  • IP67 option for outdoor CCTV
  • Windows XP, 7 or Server operating systems
  • Option for removable SSDs or HDDs

Rack-mount computers

Steatite offers a range of rack-mount computers designed for surface and underground applications, such as signalling, communications and station management. With a shallow depth and flexible expansion, these systems are ideal for new deployments and replacing legacy systems.

Typical features of the rack-mount computers include:

  • 2U and 4U option
  • EN 50121 pre-compliant for rail applications
  • Third generation Intel i3/i5/i7 CPUs for high performance and lower power
  • Up to four removable SSDs or HDDs
  • PCI and PCIe expansion for legacy and additional interfaces
  • Long lifecycle and strict revision control for consistent supply
  • Redundant PSU
  • Available with custom branding
  • Windows XP, 7 and MS Server operating systems
  • Shallow 450mm depth

Managed and unmanaged power over ethernet switches

Steatite’s selection of ethernet switches are designed for use in harsh environments, such as on board trains, with solutions also available for power over ethernet (PoE) and CCTV.

Some of the features of the ethernet switches include:

  • Rack or din mount for installation in central control rooms or road side cabinets
  • PoE for driving IP based CCTV cameras
  • Wide temperature operation for harsh conditions
  • IP67 rated for outside deployments
  • EN50122 certification for rail use

Industrial monitors for control rooms

Steatite’s range of industrial monitors has been designed to offer the perfect mix of image quality and functionality for use in control room applications.

Steatite’s monitors for control rooms feature:

  • Anti-burn-in technology
  • Designed for 24/7 operations
  • Video pass-through functionality
  • Available in 10in to 42in screen sizes
  • Ambient light sensor with brightness control
  • Alarm input with picture-in-picture trigger
  • HDMI, VGA, DVI, HD-SDI and composite inputs
  • Custom branding option

Rugged and handheld computers

Steatite specialises in rugged mobile and handheld computing solutions. This capability ranges from a basic hardware platform solution to a fully integrated installation, supported by custom software design and build. Steatite supplies a range of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products, including rugged laptop computers, rugged tablets and rugged PDAs.

Over the last 25 years, Steatite has developed a clear understanding of demanding operational environments, user requirements and procurement cycles. This knowledge has enabled Steatite to successfully design, manufacture and deliver hardware solutions into applications, such as job despatch and risk assessment utilising mobile electronic forms and bespoke survey forms.

Working with technology partners Steatite has designed, manufactured, delivered and now supports ticket printing solutions in most UK train operating companies.

Typical features of the Steatite rugged computers include:

  • Rugged by design for the mobile workforce
  • Environmentally sealed IP65 – IP67
  • Custom modifications
  • Mobile electronic forms
  • Custom OS design
  • Microsoft Gold partner

Portable power solutions

Steatite is experienced in working to the latest transport standards and highest quality controls, as well as designing battery packs and systems for road, rail and air operations. Using world-class cell manufacturers, our customised battery and power solutions help ensure success, journey after journey.

We provide lead crystal alternatives to conventional lead acid batteries for applications such as barrier control, point-end switching systems and security systems for both trackside and platform.

Typical features:

  • Custom battery pack design
  • Excellent cycle life compared with conventional lead acid systems, up to 700 – 800 cycles
  • High-rate discharge up to 10°C
  • Extended temperature performance -40°C to 65°C
  • Environmentally friendly