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Rail Reservation, Operation and Distribution Platform

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Sonata has built an advanced rail operations solution for services, schedules, inventory, fares and rules enabling improved customer service.

Sonata’s Rezopia is a next-generation system for rail reservations, operations and distribution management for the railway industry.

Service and schedule organisation for the railway industry

Sonata has built an advanced rail operations solution for rail services, schedules, inventory, fares and rules to improve customer service.

Through Rezopia’s support of multiple distribution channels, revenues can be scaled by selling directly through websites, call centres and train stations, as well as travel agents, corporations and XML connectivity.

Rezopia is a rail reservation, operations and distribution management system, from Sonata Software.
Revenues can be scaled using Rezopia's multiple distribution channels.
Sonata’s rail operations solution is designed for handling a range of services, including scheduling, inventory and fares.
The system has accounting and management reports for payment-related information.

A reservations module provides advanced functionality to search, book, and handle customer profiles, discounts and promotions.

The module has seat maps, automatic email and SMS notifications, negotiated product management and social network integrations.

Train scheduling tools

Rezopia includes a train schedule tool for creating timetables to define arrival and departure times, station routes, and service days.

The configuration management tool consists of a sequence of carriages for the train, each with a predefined designed layout and attributes that can be personalised prior to booking.

An inventory can be added, including the percentage of seats allocated for a waiting list, a priority waiting list, threshold percentage for booking speed, and quotas for booking and fare classes.

For users, a distance-based and market-based pricing is available. Rezopia also has dynamic pricing rules that include conditions such as a discount for a return journey or disruption.

Various passenger types can be managed, with their relevant concession, and promotions and discount coupons being applied during the booking process.

Seats can be optimised using an algorithm where the system designates places based on gender, number and passenger type, such as children travelling with adults.

Advanced ticket search capabilities and special requests

Rezopia can identify the impact of delays and make alternate arrangements whenever there is a change in timetable due to disruption or planned service works. The system will automatically apply penalties for modifications and cancellations.

Rezopia offers basic and advanced search capabilities. It allows users to search trains according to various options, including a one-way or round trip, multi-city and blocked seat booking, as well as seat search, quota / non-quota booking and concession / non-concession.

Multiple products can be added to a shopping cart in a single booking, which users have access to for a whole week.

The system offers customer profile management as users can add, edit, and view consumer profiles, and provides pictorial representation of seats in carriages for call centre representatives.

Rezopia automatically allocates seats for the required numbers of passengers and enables call centre users to override this with desired seats for passengers.

Special service requests can be addressed for passengers, such as dietary requirements and wheelchair assistance, and group bookings are permitted.

The multi-language feature allows customers to select a required language when booking via B2B / B2C sites. Data will be displayed in languages such as Spanish, German, French, and English, and additional languages can be requested.

Multiple currencies can be added and handled by providing conversion rates between base and other currencies.

Also, Rezopia provides notifications that can be configured for events, including booking confirmations, cancellations, modifications, and quote creation.

Pre-packaging for ancillary revenue

Rezopia can generate ancillary revenues by combining rail travel with other products such as hotels, attractions, cars, or flights using a pre-packaging tool.

Key features of the platform include:

  • A one-stop shopping experience that allows different products to be added in a single booking
  • Selling as a pre-defined or dynamic package
  • Uploading negotiated contracts, inventory, pricing and rules for direct ancillary supplier relationship
  • Connection with partner content providers such as global distribution system, wholesalers, suppliers, bed-banks for product content, real-time inventory and pricing

Automatic invoice and bill generation

Rezopia allows users to see previous reservations across various booking channels, and to create, modify and cancel them.

Policies can be defined with a penalty / no penalty for cancelling bookings within a specified date range, and can be overridden in a call centre. Users can see all activities performed on a booking under a history tab, including confirmation numbers, notes and vouchers.

Rezopia has in-built accounting functions and external integrations so users can track account payables and receivables, and conduct automatic invoice and bill generation.

Automated supplier payments,reconciliation and adjustments are also available and can be integrated with external accounting systems, including SAP, Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft AX.

Reports and documentation

The reservation system features accounting and management reports for payment-related information, as well as booking, profit and sales details.

Operational reports provide inventory details of required products, supplier / agency transactions, customer information and cancellations.

Rezopia can generate tickets, vouchers, invoices, bills and itineraries. Vouchers can be produced or sent via automatic mail for confirmed and paid bookings.

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