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Automated Software for Railway Infrastructure Projects

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Railcomplete AS develops RailCOMPLETE®, an AutoCAD® building information modelling (BIM) tool for railway infrastructure planning.

RailCOMPLETE is designed to facilitate tasks performed while planning railway infrastructure projects. Tools for managing stages, calculating sightline, internal design check, braking curve analysis and automatic table generation is integrated in the user-friendly environment.

The software reduces public spending on railway planning, increases accuracy, and decreases the risk of late construction errors.

Railway infrastructure planning tool

When designing a railway project in RailCOMPLETE, a complete railway model is being built while the design develops. An axle counter can identify which signal it belongs to, and the catenary mast is aware of the next and previous mast.

2D and 3D objects in the same model.
Using the company's software, 2D model data can be exported with meta-data to create railway simulations.
Schematic view of a railway station.
Track details in RailCOMPLETE application.

The railway model makes it possible to carry out automatic integrity checks, produce interlocking control tables and export data to other railway applications.

2D and 3D railway construction models

A good and accurate 3D model is essential for early detection of collisions or other design problems in initial stages.

RailCOMPLETE contains a wide range of BIM objects in 2D and 3D. The model is initially created in 2D, with the option to convert to 3D when necessary. The 3D model can be used by other leading 3D applications such as Navisworks®.

Automatic table manager for cross-referencing designs

Tables are a central part of the project delivery. RailCOMPLETE automates time-consuming tasks with generating and updating tables, which until now have been carried out manually.

Typically, 3,000 data values are listed in different tables per kilometre of double track. If the model changes, the cell values of the tables change accordingly. This is done automatically in RailCOMPLETE, reducing errors and time.

Any combination of data found in the model itself or in cross-referenced drawings can be combined and presented in the client’s preferred format, based on the native AutoCAD® table object.

RailCOMPLETE is shipped with a set of predefined automatic tables for several disciplines. Additionally, the client can define their own set of predefined tables for their projects.

Railway condition analysis tools

RailCOMPLETE offers a complete working environment within AutoCAD for the railway designer. Analyse sighting issues, braking curves, construction stage planning and detect clash issues with a few mouse clicks.

Visualisation of fouling points, track geometry and topology, chainage reference track and track interconnections can be switched on and off accordingly.

Tracking loading gauges and mileage to prevent errors

RailCOMPLETE tracks loading gauges in 2D for trains running through the client’s model, which prevents objects from being constructed in the ruled-out zones between railway tracks. Time-consuming operations, such as calculating object mileage referred to one specific track, have been automated.

The editing and display of track-related information is conveniently handled with the software’s alignment manager. Fouling points are calculated automatically as required and may be copied to the drawing as a permanent track annotation.

Innovative software for future rail infrastructure requirements

The current version of RailCOMPLETE features encoding of engineering best-practice for balise placement and axle counter placement, reducing design errors in complex planning projects.

We are currently working on enhancements to the interlocking control table feature, identifying overlapping safety zones on route end points and calculating the sum of distances from route end points up to their nearest common fouling point.

Research programme

Railcomplete funds the ongoing ‘RailCons’ research programme together with the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Research Council. The RailCons research programme aims to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) techniques that will allow RailCOMPLETE to become an advanced model checker.

Our ultimate goal is to introduce Constrained Natural Language (CNL) descriptions of local expert rules and regulations, which makes it easy to argue that a specific railway station design has been checked according to the actual valid rule set.

About Railcomplete

Railcomplete AS develops and markets the RailCOMPLETE software, which is now being shipped to early-bird users. The company’s first customer is Norconsult, a leading Norwegian infrastructure consulting company. The company is privately held.

Partners and investors

Railcomplete welcomes investors and prospective partners to participate in the task of bringing RailCOMPLETE to their local market and to the world market.

Your company might be the next RailCOMPLETE agent, modelling your local railway administration’s system in order for your local consulting companies to use RailCOMPLETE efficiently from day one. Please contact us for details.

Railcomplete also welcomes interested professional investors into sharing the benefits of bringing RailCOMPLETE to a wider audience. Your company might be a leading consulting company, or a technology portfolio covering the railway industry in general.

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