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Polyrack Tech-Group Holding

Electronic Packaging for the Railway Industry

The Polyrack Tech-Group offers integrated and comprehensive solutions in the broad field of electronic packaging, especially for the unique requirements of railway applications on vehicles, trackside or on the platform.

Steinbeisstraße 4,
75334 Straubenhardt,

The Polyrack Tech-Group offers integrated and comprehensive solutions in the broad field of electronic packaging, especially for the unique requirements of railway applications on vehicles, trackside or on the platform.

POLYRACK Tech-Group represents the international association of Polyrack Electronic-Aufbausysteme, RAPP Kunststofftechnik (plastic injection, mouldings), RAPP Oberflächenbearbeitung (surface coatings) and ECON solutions (development of solutions for energy efficiency and rational energy usage) as well as subsidiaries abroad

Polyrack has a history of supplying quality products for the demands of the railway industry; these include:

  • Rack-mount, wall-mount and desk-top enclosures and cases
  • IP protection, shock and vibration, ruggedised, cooling, safety, EMI/RFI
  • Shielding requirements
  • Terminal, vehicle, trackside applications

Standard and individual electronic rail products

POLYRACK Electronic-Aufbausysteme GmbH supports not only standard railway applications, but also individual customer-specific needs for station and on-board.

With over 30 years of experience in the railway industry, our Polyrack range of services and products includes the design, engineering, development, manufacturing and custom integration for cases, 19″ subracks, (482.6 mm design), modules, backplanes and microcomputer packaging systems (MPS) based on VMEbus, VME64x, or CompactPCI and last but not least Industrial PC applications.

Electronic packaging materials and technologies

Our manufacturing capabilities and production technologies are the platform for never-ending ideas. The Polyrack Tech-Group carries the competitive edge, when working the combination of aluminium, steel and stainless steel sheet metals aluminium and plastic extruded bars die-castings thermoplastic injection mouldings coatings with wet-paint, powder, galvanic processes printing through pad-screening, silk-screening, high-density print

Electronic board packaging for railways

The FerroRAIL product line is certified with all the attributes to securely and safely house your electronic boards. The concept allows dimensional modification for form, fit and function. It is proven product for use in all common areas of the railway industry.

Railway electronics protection products

Polyrack offers products to protect your electronics even in harsh requirements. An example is CasTEC, as a ruggedised and sealed (IP / EMI / RFI) solution with various installation options.

Microcomputer packaging systems and embedded systems

Microcomputer packaging systems and embedded systems should present a perfect match of the mechanical and electronic requirements and the most efficient and economical way within the set standards. Polyrack can provide the synergies of a single source for your rail electronic equipment.

Expertise and product recognition

The Polyrack Tech-Group employs engineers to cover the combined tasks for mechanical and electronic design. Railway products require a significant amount of wealth of experience, which Polyrack shows it in any respect for protection, shock and vibration, shielding and climate and typical criteria for the rail-site installation. We have already gained recognition for the following:

  • ERTMS / ETCS solutions, through a line equipment unit (LEU)
  • Passenger information systems and video systems
  • Train control and supervision systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • On-board control systems
  • On-board repeater for mobile applications
  • Visual displays

RailTEX 2015: Polyrack Tech-Group, Booth R44

Polyrack is showcasing its heavy-duty rack-mount and desktop applications as well as Panel PCs for the railway industry at the forthcoming RailTEX 2015 trade fair.


The POLYRACK TECH-GROUP will be attending the InnoTrans trade fair, which will be taking place between the 23 and 26 September 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

POLYRACK Supports Ruggedised and Conduction-Cooled Solutions

In the area of microcomputer packaging systems, POLYRACK Systemtechnik is expanding its comprehensive programme with the future-proof standard VPX. New system solutions and backplanes for this demanding market segment have been integrated into the group's portfolio. Customers can choose between standardised 'off-the-shelf' solutions and highly specific constructions.

FerroRAIL – Made According to SNCF Conformity

The new 19in subrack series named FerroRAIL was developed consistently for applications of the French railway/SNCF (Société national chemins de fer français). The subracks are based on the series FUTURE, conformal to the LES-DB standards of the German railway, and were accordingly converted for


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