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Visualization Hardware and Software for the Railway Industry

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Pixy AG

Pixy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of visualisation solutions for the railway sector. We develop high-grade devices and diagnosis, signalling and video software, which allow customers to sustainably ensure safety and optimise transport capacity.

Pixy develops superior-quality devices and software for diagnostics, train safety and video systems in compliance with EN50155 standards. More than 30,000 of our displays are currently in service around the clock all over the world.

They are used when mobile visualisation solutions are needed in rough industrial environments. Whether in the freezing cold or in smouldering heat, users can rely on Pixy’s Screenboards® customised TCP/IP video solutions.

Customised displays and panels

The new INC-93 is primarily a mechanically customised version of the INC-90 DMI. The 8.4in device supports common electrical interfaces such as MVB, Ethernet, RS422/485, USB or CAN. Redundant solutions are being increasingly requested for signalling applications, in particular for European train control system (ETCS).

This involves running a software application on two independent DMIs, so that if one device fails, the other can take over all the functions. INC-93 is is installed in duplicated side by side. It is a space-saving application, also ideal for refit projects.

The Scalable Instrument Panel (SIP) is an outstanding product with high functionality and its compact dimensions. The SIP-30 is a flat 10.4in DMI with ARM XCortex-A8 processor and LED backlighting. It is an inexpensive mid-performance device that is preferably used in TCMS applications.

Standard interfaces include CAN, Ethernet and USB. Other key features are its long service life, robust components and housing, as well as an appealing design. SIP-30 is easy to program with PAD.

Pixy provides an easy-to-use graphic-based high-level development tool for the programming of application software. This software, known as Pixy Application Designer (PAD), makes it possible to create applications from your PC within a very short time.

Train control and monitoring systems

As a single-source supplier, Pixy develops and produces solutions for train control and monitoring system systems (TCMS), comprising Screenboards hardware and Screensoft® software.

Together with our extensive experience, the high-degree of integration and mutual adaptation of the components ensures the high reliability and availability of our visualisation solutions. Mobile video applications, including rear-view mirror replacement and door and passenger monitoring, are designed according to the client’s comprehensive specifications before being delivered as a complete system.

Pixy’s purview of the system as a whole allows us to adapt its individual components to each other in the best possible way. Tese components include the Screenboards driver desk displays, the corresponding Screensoft video application, cameras, data recording devices and switches.

The high-performance system is simple to use and easier to expand than analogue video solutions. Rilway signalling systems Modern railway signalling systems simultaneously allow both faster train operations and higher traffic densities. To guarantee safety, high-grade technology supports safety-relevant functions. In this context, the human-machine interface is a central focus.

Our visualisation solutions ensure safety, reliability and durability throughout many years of service. For cross-border signalling systems such as ETCS, Pixy delivers complete solutions that include both hardware and corresponding software applications.

Specially designed signalling systems, such as communication-based train control (CBTC), ensure safety every day on heavily travelled mass-transit systems. Our Sreenboards are deployed in many of the world’s mass-transit trains, where they reliably display and process safety-relevant data.

At Innotrans 2014

At this year’s InnoTrans, which takes place from 23 – 26 September 2014 in Berlin, Germany, clients will find us as usual in hall 2.2 – stand 207 (Swissrail).

At Pixy AG, the label "Swiss Engineering" signifies technical innovation, reliability and durability. For more than 20 years, our strategic focus has been the development and production of visualisation solutions for rail transport.

Today, our screenboards are world-class when it comes to cockpit visualisation. Just let the benefits and technical advantage of our new developments convince you, best try them for yourself today.

Experience-Based Intelligent Design: The New Pixy Application Designer

Pixy AG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of visualization solutions for rail vehicle technology. Founded in 1988, their robust, Swiss products rapidly established themselves in the cockpits of the world s most important rail vehicle manufacturers. Today, upwards of 30,000 Pixy displays are in use 24/7 around the globe.

Pixy to Showcase Visualisation Solutions at InnoTrans in Hall 2.2

The label swiss engineering means at Pixy AG technical innovation, reliability and durability. For over 20 years, our strategic focus was on the development and production of visualisation solutions for rail-bound traffic. Today our Screenboards are world-class in terms of cockpit visualisation.

Pixy Receives IRIS-Certification Update

Pixy has proudly verified receipt of the International Railway Industry (IRIS) certificate. With the IRIS certificate Pixy AG currently fulfills the most stringent quality requirements in the railway industry.

SIP/PAD Solution Ideal for Retrofit Projects

Retrofit is a successful concept both economically and strategically: In order to save on resources, the service life of rail vehicles can be extended. The vehicles can be updated again by replacing the outdated components with new, contemporary technological advances.

Tailor-Made HMI for South Africa Project

The 12.1in Pixy-HMI of the Dalian Locomotive & Rolling Stock Company (DLOCO) was selected for a project in South Africa due to high demands made on durability and computing performance.

Pixy launches PAD 3.2

The new Pixy Application Designer (PAD) is now available. Following intensive development work including a field study, PAD 3.2 has now been launched with a host of new features.

Pixy to Present Two New Screenboards at Innotrans 2014 in Berlin

Pixy is one of the world's leading manufacturers of visualisation solutions for the railway sector. The company develops high-grade devices and software for diagnosis, signalling and video and allows customers to sustainably ensure safety and optimise transport capacity.

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