Condition-based monitoring (CBM) allows rail operators worldwide to dramatically increase the accuracy of maintenance performed on their rolling stock.

This both reduces operating costs for companies, as well as increases the standard of safety across their fleet.

As CBM now forms the core of modern rolling stock maintenance, it was understandably the primary focus of this year’s Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit.

At its most basic level, CBM uses the data recorded by devices like OEM’s programmable controllers to monitor minute details about the operation of train subs-systems like doors and speedometers. The slight gradual degradation in the opening and closing speed of door, for instance, might indicate that a specific component is suffering wear and tear and requires replacement.

Where CBM has truly changed the maintenance game, however, is when this data is collected and analysed over an extended period.

By observing trends and patterns within the data, it becomes possible to reliably predict equipment failures in specific parts of a train’s sub-system. This can save a company a tremendous amount of money, as it removes the need to keep a large store of spare parts on hand. Parts can instead be ordered on an as-needed basis.

As an added benefit, when failure points can be reliably predicted, each component can be utilised to its absolute maximum potential before it is replaced.

In addition to the benefits it provides to an operator’s bottom line, this style of maintenance also improves safety, as systems are predictively maintained rather than reactively repaired.

The widespread adoption of CBM provides an exciting opportunity for OEM. Already industry leaders with their programmable controllers and remote I / O devices, OEM is poised to reach even broader markets as the demand for their product rises.

OEM is well positioned to meet this new challenge. An inhouse team designs, programmes and manufactures all of OEM’s products, ensuring the highest level of quality and enabling rapid responses to change within the industry.

In addition to providing the programmable controllers vital for collecting and transmitting the data CBM systems require, OEM also possesses the infrastructure to store client’s CBM data.

This service, known as the OEM Cloud, enables customers to access their accrued CBM data at any time they wish to use it for analysis.

As a leader in the field, OEM is proud to co-sponsor this year’s Passenger Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit.