The PC2100 is the new compact and reliable general-purpose rail PLC.

OEM has launched their PC2100 unit, the latest in the PC2 series of programmable controllers.

The PC2100 is an ideal multi-purpose controller. Its compact design and flexible functionality make it suitable for a wide range of rail applications, including, but not limited to passenger vehicle CBM, HVAC control systems and on-board controls for fire protection, power packs, and doors.

Rugged and reliable, the PC2100 controller is built to comply with strict EN 50155 railway standards. This guarantees unimpeded function in extreme temperatures, resistance to shock and vibration, and immunity to static discharge, electrical surges and radiation.

The PC2100 possesses seven digital inputs, ten digital outputs, seven universal inputs, two analogue outputs and two relay outputs. In addition, the controller can be expanded further by connecting OEM’s RIO2011 Remote I/O Expansion Module. A backlit LCD screen and tactile keypad provide the sturdy user interface required for a life on the rails.

The PC2100 controller is easily programmable through the use of OEM’s IEC61131-3 suite. C programming is also natively supported. The PC2100 is purpose-built to withstand the rigours of the rails.

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