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EN 50155-Certified Railway Routers for Wireless Communication


NetModule offers EN 50155-compliant railway routers for internet and wireless communications on trains.

The compact devices support the latest cellular technologies, including global system for mobile communications (GSM-R), Wi-Fi and active global navigation satellite system (GNSS). For connectivity with high-availability, the systems offer seamless connection between broadband links using the Mobile IP protocol.

High-performance routers for Wi-Fi connectivity on trains

Supporting several subscriber identification modules (SIM) cards and multiple virtual private network (VPN) protocols, the routers offer a unique port-based subnetting feature, and separate different application networks to enhance security, avoid interferences and guarantee dedicated links.

The NB3700 router provides internet for remote access, data acquisition and passenger information. NetModule offers its enhanced variant, the NB3701, with improved performance and Wi-Fi.
Netmodule's NB3710 MultiRail router for passenger Wi-FI can be equipped with up to four long-term evolution (LTE) modules and several extensions. The enhanced NB3711 MultiRail+ offers enhanced Wi-Fi and central processing unit (CPU) power.
The NB3800 MediaRail router offers passenger Wi-Fi for digital signage and multimedia applications. It features a 1TB built-in solid state drive (SSD) and processes data at a rate of 1Gb/s.

When combined with multiple SIM cards, the sophisticated wide-area network (WAN) link-manager increases the connections available to the router, even between multiple network providers. The NetModule router software is based on an embedded Linux operation system and standard communication protocols.

Routers can be configured via web-enabled graphical user interfaces (GUI) and command lines, or automatically via USB sticks or application programming interfaces (API). The router software can be extended based on the customer with the included software development kit (SDK).

NetModule routers feature a modular design so devices can be adapted to meet individual customer requirements.

CompactRail routers with LTE, Wi-Fi and GPS

The NB3700 CompactRail is the smallest router in NetModule’s railway product line and a matching device for various applications, such as remote access, data acquisition and passenger information. This router is provided with up to two mobile communication modules for long-term evolution (LTE), GSM-R and Wi-Fi, as well as an integrated five-port ethernet switch.

The NB3701 CompactRail+ provides the same interfaces as NB3700 Compact Rail but with enhanced performance and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ac. Typical applications include remote management, condition monitoring, data acquisition, passenger information systems and digital signage.

MultiRail routers with multiple LTE and Wi-Fi links

The NB3710 MultiRail enables wireless internet access for passenger Wi-Fi, as well as information and condition monitoring. Equipped with up to four LTE modules, the router is an integrated solution with an extendable bandwidth, depending on the application. Its quad-SIM feature also offers high connection availability via multiple network providers.

The NB3710 can be equipped with several extensions, such as interfaces for controller area networks (CAN), RS-232, RS-485 and audio line inputs, and is available with extended input voltage (72V-110V).

The NB3711 MultiRail+ is the enhanced version of the NB3710, featuring increased CPU power and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ac. With up to four LTE modules, two Wi-Fi modules or a GSM-R module, the NB3711 is suitable for train-to-ground communications.

To integrate other on-board electronics, the router is extendable with optional modules for RS-485, RS-232, CAN, audio line in / out, issue-based information system (IBIS) interfaces or a GNSS receiver.

NB3800 MediaRail router with LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11ac and built-in storage

The NB3800 MediaRail is the flagship solution of NetModule’s railway router line.

Combining the features of the company’s other models, the router provides passenger Wi-Fi for digital signage and multi-media applications. The high-performance CPU processes data from train networks at rates of up to 1Gbit/s via the solution’s gigabit ethernet ports.

With a capacity of 1TB, a built-in SSD disk stores documents, pictures, audio and video, as well as application-specific web page content.

About NetModule

NetModule is a leading manufacturer of communications products for machine-to-machine (M2M) and internet of things (IoT) applications in the transport sector.

The devices include the latest technologies for wireless local area networks (WLAN) and LTE, as well as various communication interfaces for passenger WLAN (PWLAN), driver communication, remote maintenance, condition monitoring and real-time data exchange.

Founded in 1998, NetModule is a Swiss company based in Berne, with offices in Zurich and Basel, as well as subsidiaries in Frankfurt, Germany, and Hong Kong.

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