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Specialist Industrial Memory and Storage Solution Providers

Northdown Business Park,
Ashford Road,
ME17 2DL Kent,
United Kingdom

Northdown Business Park,
Ashford Road,
ME17 2DL Kent,
United Kingdom

Specialist Industrial Memory and Storage Solution Providers

Jactron, part of the Component Obsolescence Group (COG), is an experienced specialist UK distributor of rugged, robust and best-of-breed products from a range of vendors that meet the industry’s stringent standards and also exceed critical performance requirements (reliability and data security).

Our products include solid state drives, memory cards (CFast and CF), USBs (NanoUSB and eUSB), embedded disk card (EDC) and serial advance technology attachment (SATA) products (SATADOM, Slim SATA and mSATA).

Providing the leading clients in the railway market with its products has allowed Jactron to provide customers with personalised and specialist offerings, such as personalised product notifications, product traceability, certificate of conformance (C of C) and fixed bill of materials (BOM).

Our applications for railway focused products include:

  • Passenger information systems (PIS)
  • Ticketing machines
  • Data logging
  • Breaking systems
  • Industrial PCs
  • Routers
  • Mobile payment / hand held computing
  • Infotainment
  • Telematics
  • Surveillance / CCTV

Industrial single-level cell extended temperature compact flash memory card

Compact Flash cards, which have been designed to replace traditional rotating disk drives, are embedded solid-state data storage systems that are designed for mobile computing and the industrial work place.

With features such as advanced PIO (0-4), multiword DMA (0-2), ultra DMA (0-6) transfer modes, multisector transfers, global wear levelling and bad block management, S.M.A.R.T. tool and LBA addressing, our Compact Flash cards are optimised for demanding industrial applications where crucial data requires the highest level of reliability, durability and data integrity.

Industrial storage cards with single-level cell flash

The Innodisk CFast is a small form factor card standard with high data storage capacity. It is suitable for semi-industrial applications. Compliant with CFast 2.0 Standard, it is designed with a 7 + 17 pin connector and is SATA compatible. Innodisk CFast offers data transfer rates of sequential read up to 200Mb/s and of sequential write up to 120Mb/s.

Innodisk CFast features static wear levelling algorithm support, S.M.A.R.T. and i-S.M.A.R.T. support, intelligent system for error recovery and excellent data transfer speed, which means that the industrial CFast products with iSLC can work under harsh environment and are cost effective.

Industrial-grade cards for extended temperatures

Industrial Grade SD/SDHC cards are built with single-level cell (SLC) type NAND flash and advanced wear levelling algorithms, which maximise flash components utilisation. ATP cards implement DataRefresh technology, which activates data integrity protection by monitoring the error bits in read operations and the SD life monitor tool, allowing users to identify the health status of the SD series cards.

Using carefully screened SLC flash components, ATP industrial grade microSDs are built using system in package (SIP) technology, which allows products to be IP57/IP67 waterproof/dustproof (IEC 60529) shockproof, (electro-static discharge) ESD proof (IEC61000-4-2), endure extreme temperature tests and can be produced under a stringent RoHs and Green Package-compliant manufacturing process.

Industrial extended temperature single-level cells

Serial ATA disk on module (SATADOM) is a small form factor with exclusive Pin 7 VCC built-in, which supports low profile 1U rack-mounted to simplify the motherboard design. Since it has no external cables, it is more robust and enhances the disk functions of various industrial and enterprise applications. Innodisk’s SATADOM also supports the SATA II and SATA III interface with faster data transfer rates and is available in capacities ranging from 1GB up to 128GB.

SATADOM modules have enhanced endurance with global wear-levelling and supporting S.M.A.R.T. ATA feature sets, which are ideal for fanless computers, panel PCs, industrial PC sand thin client systems.

Industrial cards for extended temperatures

The Embedded Disk Card 4000 (EDC4000) provides high-capacity solid-state flash memory that electrically complies with the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) ATA standards and fits into all platforms with IDE connectors.

EDC4000 features an extremely light-weight, reliable, low-profile form factor and supports advanced PIO (0-4), Multi Word DMA (0-2), Ultra DMA (0-4) transfer modes, multisector transfers and LBA addressing.

Industrial interfaces

With its compact size, high performance and conformity with JEDEC standard MO-300A and ubiquitous SATA-II and SATA-III 3Gps interface, the mSATA Industrial Grade Embedded Module is ideal for mission-critical embedded storage applications that have space constraints and require high performance and reliability.

The applications include IPC, automation, blades, AdvancedTCA, PC/104, networking, digital signages, rugged notebooks, which enhance the compatibility, performance and reliability of all the aforementioned mission critical applications. The mSATA modules use an existing mini PCIe connector with a modified SATA pin-out.

Contact our industrial memory and storage experts to discuss your project requirements today.

ATP Electronics DRAM and Flash Product Guide

Automotive and other transportation applications require long term data retention and product lifetimes in addition to high tolerances for shock, vibration, temperature range, humidity and moisture.


Northdown Business Park

Ashford Road


ME17 2DL


United Kingdom