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Integrated Communications Solutions for the Transport Industry

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Iskratel develops integrated, innovative communication solutions for the digital transformation of the transport, public safety, telecommunications and energy industries.

Customised communications solutions for transport applications

With more than 70 years of experience, Iskratel develops its products in close cooperation with partners and customers.

We strive to achieve high-quality, customised solutions and services that meet the specific requirements.

Iskratel is a leading provider of state-of-the-art communication systems in the transport sector.
Our efficient and secure communication solutions facilitate rail operations.
Our railway information and notification (RIN) systems aim to optimise communications between rail operators and passengers.
Our incident-response management solution provides real-time information about rail emergencies and incidents.

Our business partners and customers provide consistent feedback to enable us to deliver satisfaction.

High-performance rail operational communication systems

Suitable for demanding railway applications, Iskratel’s operational communications solutions provide a safe, reliable and economical platform for all operational and business communications.

The solution enables transport operations to run smoothly by providing dependable, efficient and secure communications between traffic control centres, trains, trackside personnel and railway stations.

Our operational communication system comprises:

  • An IP-based platform that interconnects to any analogue, time-division multiplexing (TDM) or internet protocol (IP) network to enable new voice, data and video services
  • Built-in support to manage and administer infrastructure across all operational systems
  • Mobile communications for interconnecting on-board and track-side components

Railway information and notification systems

Iskratel’s railway information and notification system (RINS) is an efficient, customised and cost-effective solution that enhances operator-to-customer communications.

The solution distributes real-time and dynamic passenger information to any location, providing a single source for audio and visual announcements, as well as improving the customer transit experience.

The RINS works with the railway’s interlocking platform and global positioning system (GPS) to capture real-time location data and compares recorded information with reference timetables and automatic message generation to facilitate accurate, dynamic passenger information.

Features of the RINS include:

  • Advanced modules to deliver customer-specific solutions
  • Ease of use, facilitating maintenance and troubleshooting
  • High-quality audio and visual content
  • Live and pre-defined announcements

Incident response management solutions

Iskratel’s incident response management (IRM) system is strategically designed to provide operators with detailed, real-time information.

It is used to stay updated of railway incidents and emergencies, enabling operators to synthesise the information and facilitate the decision-making process.

The modular IRM solution is designed to support operators by integrating several subsystems, ensuring exact and detailed incident information.

The IRM system offers:

  • Situational awareness for real-time event handling for operators
  • Interoperability with external systems
  • Gathering and synthesising information to prioritise the most severe events
  • Manage and enforce day-to-day and emergency procedures to reduce risk of human error

About Iskratel

Iskratel combines experience and expertise with creativity and innovation with its own R&D and manufacturing centres, more than 900 employees and a presence across 50 countries.

We digitalise key infrastructure and use data to increase reliability, security and customer satisfaction.

As we continue to expand our global reach, we continue to focus on local specifics and provide each customer with a personalised service.

White Papers

  • Railway Info-Communications Solutions

    Based on the SI3000 cCS industrial platform, Iskratel’s info-communications surpass critical communications needs in highly demanding applications.

Press Releases

  • Iskratel to Exhibit CORD-Compliant OLT at Broadband World Forum 2018

    Iskratel will illustrate how operators can obtain virtualised, Cloud-based and Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (CORD)-compliant infrastructures without the need to upgrade hardware during its showcase of dual-nature GPON and XGS-PON optical line terminals (OLTs) at the Broadband World Forum 2018 in Berlin, Germany, on 23-25 October.

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