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IDAC is a reseller for a wide range of engineering analysis software, including the full ANSYS simulation suite. IDAC provides a computer-aided engineering consulting service and training for the rail industry. IDAC’s engineers have extensive FEA and CFD knowledge and can provide customers with advanced analysis capabilities, coupled with the experience to guide projects through from conception to delivery. IDAC can provide analysis expertise for the rail industry and has carried out a range analyses for railway applications, including rail, trams and metros. The analyses have ranged from simple structural problems to complex multi physics simulations.

Simulation open days

Attend a Simulation Open Day at IDAC, featuring presentations, demonstrations and Q&A sessions. Held quarterly, they are FREE to attend. Email IDAC for further information.

FEA Consulting Services

IDAC’s engineering analysts have successfully delivered consultancy projects to the rail industry using the full ANSYS simulation suite to validate product and process designs in the following fields:

  • Structural performance including vibration & fatigue
  • Thermal behaviour and effects
  • Electromagnetic and electrostatic performance
  • Crash, impact, explosion and drop tests
  • Composites

IDAC analysts, working together with the client, can manage, execute and deliver complete rail engineering solutions on time and on budget. Some of our case studies can be seen in the press release section of this website.

Simulation software for the railway industry

IDAC offers simulation software training to help engineers keep abreast of the latest computer-aided engineering technology. Scheduled and customised training courses are available, based at either IDAC’s offices or the customer’s site. All training is delivered by our highly qualified engineering analysts. Courses are run for any level of user from beginner to expert and can be fully customised to the rail industry.

Structural mechanics simulation software

ANSYS Structural Mechanics solutions offer the ability to reliably simulate every structural aspect of a product from linear static analyses to advanced contact, transient non-linear situations that may include dynamic effects.

Multi-physics simulation software

Multi-physics simulation solutions allow engineers and designers to evaluate their product designs operating under real-world multi-physics conditions. The ANSYS multi-physics suite simulates the behaviour of complex products in real-world environments, where multiple types of coupled physics interact. ANSYS software allows the interaction between structural mechanics, heat transfer, fluid flow, acoustics and electromagnetism, all within a single software product.

Fluid dynamics simulation suite

The ANSYS fluid dynamics solution assists customers in modelling fluid flow and its affect. The ANSYS fluid dynamics suite contains both general computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and additional specialised products to address specific applications. IDAC’s CFD business group continues to help businesses with their growing demand for virtual testing and prototyping.

Explicit dynamics software

The ANSYS explicit dynamics solution allows the simulation of events involving short-duration, large-strain, large-deformation, fracture, complete material failure or structural problems with complex contact interactions.  Almost no application is too severe to be simulated with the ANSYS explicit dynamics simulation solutions, allowing conditions such as drop tests, crash impact, explosions and penetrations to be simulated. These types of events are often difficult or expensive to study experimentally.

Electromagnetics simulator

The ANSYS electromagnetic solutions have been enhanced since it incorporated the electromagnetic field solvers from Ansoft into the portfolio. These products cover the full spectrum of electromagnetic analyses allowing behaviour of low and high frequency electromagnetic fields to be predicted. ANSYS electromagnetic solutions enable users to predict the behaviour of electrical and electromechanical devices, eliminate prototype iterations, and deliver products to market faster.

Civil engineering simulation

CivilFEM a highly developed customisation of ANSYS for civil engineering applications is also offered by IDAC. It is a powerful analysis tool for all areas of advanced linear and non-linear civil engineering and, as such, incorporates modules for bridges, geotechnics, advanced prestressed reinforced concrete and nuclear power plants.  CivilFEM also offers code checking for steel structures (AISC, Eurocode No.3, BS 5950) and concrete structures (ACI, Eurocode No.2, BS 8110 amongst others).

IDAC Holds Free ANSYS Open Day

IDAC is offering a free ANSYS open day for those interested in learning about simulation techniques and software. IDAC's open day gives you the opportunity to visit IDAC and meet its computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation experts and ask questions about your specialist field.

IDAC Simulation Open Day

IDAC is opening its doors to the engineering community free of charge on 26 January 2012. This is an opportunity for you to meet IDAC's computer aided engineering (CAE) simulation experts and ask questions about your specialist fields.

IDAC performs an FE Analysis of a Temporary Access Platform

ERIKS were required to design and build a safe temporary access platform, for their client. Periodically engineers needed to gain access for inspection and / or maintenance works and as such a safe platform was required to enable access.

IDAC’s Free Simulation Open Day

IDAC is opening its doors to the engineering community free of charge on 26 January 2012. This is an opportunity for you to meet IDAC's computer aided engineering (CAE) simulation experts and ask questions about your specialist fields.

IDAC Holds Free Simulation Open Day

IDAC's simulation open day is taking place on Thursday 6 October 2011 at Airport House, Purley Way, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 0XZ. IDAC is opening its doors to the engineering community free of charge on 6 October. This is an opportunity for you to meet IDAC's computer-aided engineering (CA

IDAC Performs Structural Analysis on Shaft Lift Structure

Stannah Lifts required a lift shaft structure originally designed for hydraulic lifts to be reused in a traction lift. As such a new set of forces and boundary conditions needed to be re-evaluated on the structure. With the traction drive, the applied load (imposed load from the lift car) is ap

IDAC Carry Out Rotary Railcar Dumper Analysis

IDAC was approached by Metso Minerals to carry out the finite element analysis work using ANSYS for three separate design projects of rotary railcar dumpers to evaluate the stress and displacement levels at different operational and extreme positions and conditions, as well as evaluating the natu

Sway Carriage Analysis

The Cussons Marine Hydrodynamic Division were required to supply their client, National Research Council Canada, Institute for Ocean Technology (NRC IOT) with a Planar Motion Mechanism (PMM) to replace an existing PMM. Installed in either the 90m ice tank or the 200m towing tank the PM

Railway Escalator Step Analysis for NEXUS

Nexus is the Tyne and Wear passenger transport executive and provides plans and promotes public transport to improve the economic prosperity of Tyne and Wear, and the daily lives of its people. They are looking to the future to create travel networks that the people of Tyne and Wear will want to

Simulation Open Day Announced for 9 June 2011

IDAC's simulation open day is taking place on 9 June 2011. IDAC is opening its doors to the engineering community free of charge. This is an opportunity for you meet computer aided engineering (CAE) simulation experts and ask questions about your specialist fields. The day wi


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