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Wireless Network Technology for Rolling Stock Applications

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ELTEC Elektronik manufactures wireless network and imaging solutions for the transportation and mobile automation industries.

We aim to provide innovative standard solutions and customised configurations designed to meet the specific needs of our dedicated core markets. Our expertise is based on almost 40 years of experience within the development of embedded technologies for industrial automation, transportation and medical applications.

Wireless communications systems for the rail sector

We specialise on innovative wireless communication systems with an integral approach to establish reliable and steady Wi-Fi communication with wireless access points and LTE routers based on state-of-the-art transmission technologies for rough environmental conditions in rolling stock and automotive applications.

Eltec provides EN 50155 certified rugged products and network solutions for rolling stock applications.
The CyBox AP 2 Wi-Fi access point allows high-speed internet access.
The CyBox LTE 2 LTE router is suitable for vehicle-to-ground communications.
The CyBox MP media and content server comes with optional Wi-Fi/LTE functionality.
The Cybox GW LTE-to-Wi-Fi gateway acts as an all-in-one media server.
The CyBox ED Ethernet data concentrator collects in-vehicle data.
The CyBox DC intelligent display computer is used for passenger infotainment.
The CyBox SW rugged Ethernet switch distributes data streams within a network.
The HiPerCam A is an intelligent IP 67 outdoor camera.

We also offer a portfolio of data transmission networking solutions between trains and base station, inter-carriage coupling via wireless broadband backbone networks for retrofit programs, recording and playback of infotainment data, data collection, the analysis of sensors for predictive maintenance, and much more.

Products and services for these purposes include rugged content and media servers, computing platforms, gateways, data concentrators and Ethernet switches, as well as intelligent displays.

Wireless access points and LTE routers for high-speed internet access

Our CyBox wireless communication systems comprise rugged wireless access points, long-term evolution (LTE) routers and gateways to offer high-speed Wi-Fi in trains, tramways and underground railway systems.

Passengers are able to stream videos, images and information without interruption, use internet services and passenger infotainment solutions and to install phone connections with stable and reliable connections provided by our network solutions. Security issues are addressed with an integrated and programmable firewall to protect personal data against unauthorised access by isolating clients from each other.

The CyBox AP Wi-Fi access point can also be applied to establish a wireless broadband backbone between vehicles where no Ethernet cable connections in couplings are available. As part of the ELTEC firmware, an Inter Carriage Connection Protocol ensures the automatic generation and maintenance of connections even in unstable environments, such as train reconfiguration, connection losses, or other trains on neighbouring tracks.

The CyBox LTE router is used to provide the vehicle-land connection. Such connections transfer internet session data for passengers as well as infrastructure information. The CyBox GW all-in-one wireless gateway works as a mid-range LTE-to-Wi-Fi gateway. The integrated hard drive is able to store or host local content and allows passengers to use the device similar to a media server.

Mobile computing platforms as content and communication servers

The CyBox MP content and media server line is a mobile computing platform optimised for a high network and streaming throughput. It has integrated mass storage components where large data volumes can be securely stored and transported loss-free.

An IP40 certified enclosure, passive cooling and no moving parts make the CyBox MP resistant to shocks and vibrations and minimise the need for preventive maintenance. It is suitable for applications such as infotainment, video surveillance and video recording in mobile settings and public transportation.

Ethernet data concentrators to collect and analyse sensor data

Via a comprehensive selection of interfaces, the ruggedised CyBox ED Ethernet data concentrator collects sensor data of in-vehicle devices. It analyses and transfers the log data via wired and wireless networks to land-based control centres or upstream systems.

The data concentrator is suitable for applications such as condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Intelligent displays for passenger infotainment systems

The CyBox DC on-train passenger information system can directly connect to up to two standard liquid-crystal display (LCD) panels with independent content.

Its local central processing unit (CPU) is used to receive information over Ethernet and to present it on the LCD screen. Both these applications are supported by an internal web server.

High-quality networking solutions

Systems in rough environments require high levels of mechanical and electrical robustness. The components applied to our devices have extended temperature ranges to tolerate extreme temperature changes and are able to work securely and sustainably even when exposed to vibration, shocks, bumps and humidity.

Within security applications, ELTEC benefits from our collective expertise in industrial imaging, networking and software.

Our products comply with the requirements of established DIN, EN and IEC industry standards and are certified according to the EN 50155 railway qualification.

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