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Automation, Integration, Communication and Safety Solutions

EKE provides technology for train automation, system integration, onboard safety and communication within the train and beyond.

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EKE provides technology for train automation, system integration, onboard safety and communication within the train and beyond. We have solutions for high speed trains, commuter trains, metros, trams, passenger coaches and locomotives. Our technology is suitable for new trains as well as refurbishment and retrofitting projects. Our expertise ranges from developing complete Train Control and Management System (TCMS) or Train Communication Networks (TCN) to providing specific technology such as Gateways or event recorders (JRU). We also offer advanced TCMS integrating Passenger Information Systems (PIS), video surveillance (CCTV) and wireless communication devices for a complete turn-key solution.

We have already installed more than 12,000 systems around the world under our Trainnet brand and continue to serve our customers with the highest quality and reliability. EKE is IRIS certified and our products comply with the railway industry standards such as EN 50155.

Trainnet Train Control and Management System (TCMS)

The Trainnet TCMS system is responsible for the automation of your train, making operations easier and faster while increasing safety and reliability. The Trainnet TCMS gives one point of control over all sub-systems, monitoring their status and providing diagnostics in real-time to the driver and maintenance depot. The TCMS can automatically take action and issues relevant instructions, simplifying tram management. Trainnet allows automation of almost any sub-system: see train illustration on the page for the most common examples.

Metro train equipped by EKE with an integrated system including TCMS, TCN, PIS/PA, Event Recorder, CCTV, emergency intercoms and human-machine interfaces.
Schematic illustration of the functionalities implemented, controlled or monitored by the Trainnet TCMS. With the Trainnet TCMS, you save money by having one single system to manage your train.
With Trainnet, you can create a very compact coach computer with all functionalities in the same rack including Gateway, Input/output interfaces and Event Recorder.
A compact Gateway with WTB (with fritting) and CAN interface modules. The gateway includes a CPU offering Ethernet, Serial links and DVI interfaces.
A few bus interface modules developed by EKE. From left to right: CAN, WTB, MVB and WTF (WTB with fritting).
EKE provides a range of Ethernet Train Backbone nodes (ETBN), Ethernet routers or Ethernet switches that can be used to develop Ethernet Train buses (ETB) and Ethernet Consist Networks (ECN).
The Trainnet Event Recorder with Rugged Memory Module is a very compact and reliable on-board event recorder for collecting and storing vital train-borne information.
The Trainnet Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are interactive displays. They can be used as train driver’s, crew’s interactive information display or CCTV monitor.

The Trainnet TCMS usually includes a Trainnet Train Communication Network (TCN) which is described below. The Trainnet TCMS can also be combined with other systems for a fully integrated train architecture. EKE can provide integrated solutions including: Event Recorders (ER), Passenger Information Systems (PIS), Public Announcement Systems (PA), Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV), Passenger Emergency Intercoms (PEI) and Mobile Applications.

Trainnet Train Communication Network (TCN) and Gateways

Trainnet TCN enables the integration of all your train sub-systems. It provides a unique point of control over all sub-systems (including third-party systems) and facilitates communications across the train via a common TCN. The train architecture is simplified and cabling is reduced, enabling cheaper development, installation and maintenance. The Trainnet TCN allows combination of various bus technologies including WTB, MVB, CAN, S/L and Ethernet. Automatic inauguration enables the operator to easily add or remove train sets: the train is quickly and automatically configured. EKE has extensive experience integrating third party sub-systems to Trainnet, including displays, speakers, cameras, sensors, brakes, traction or batteries.

If you are interested in our gateways (WTB, MVB, CAN, S/L, Ethernet), Wire Train Bus Interface Module (WTB), Multifunction Vehicle Bus Interface Module (MVB), CAN Vehicle Bus Interface Module (CVB), Input and Output Interface Modules, ETB node and Ethernet Switches, please look at the relevant product pages.

Trainnet Event Recorder (ER) with rugged memory module

Trainnet Event Recorder (ER) is more than the so-called train ‘black box’. It is an on-board event recorder for collecting and storing vital train-borne information. Depending on needs, it can record all kinds of data including audio and video recordings. Data can be retrieved at any time using the Trainnet TIP (Train Inspection Program) Software which enables system performance analysis and optimisation. Data can be copied from the event recorder to a USB stick for convenient transport or storage. Trainnet ER proves useful beyond traditional use following an incident or accident. Trainnet Rugged Memory Module (RMM) is available as an option whenever a high level of data protection is needed.

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